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“Are you looking for secrets? Is that what all this was about? Well, maybe I can help you. You want to know what the ultimate secret is? The secret of knowing who killed you.”

The Orchid’s Curse, Twin Peaks 2x05

  • INTERVIWER DRESSED LIKE A UNICORN: I have to warn you in advance, I have no idea how long my horn is.
  • JEN: And that's what she said...
  • INTERVIEWER: You can't stop staring at my horn, can you?
  • Jen: I mean, it's eight inches of solid...she didn't know how long it was, I thought she should know, it looks like a solid eight inches to me.
  • INTERVIEWER: As she stares vacantly past my horn, my solid eight inches of magic.
  • JEN: *laughs hysterically*

Belated birthday post.

Well, not exactly. Or sort of.

Nica, being the sweet person that she is, prepared a little ninja birthday loot bag for me. :)
It included a bunch of things she figured I’d enjoy: 2 sheets of yummy seaweed, 1 chocolate CHEESE bar, a Zombadings DVD + a slice of red velvet cake, and of course, the cute bag itself.
The food is no longer present in the picture because I have the EQ of a 2 year-old.
I’ve long accepted that I cannot be a food blogger because I’d probably wind up taking pictures of empty plates.

So anyway, point is, if you look closely, you’ll actually notice that this is a SUPER SPECIAL DVD.
Nica, that dear girl, with her admittedly primitive Photoshop skills created her own version of the Zombadings DVD cover featuring no other than Punchdrunk Panda, along with some messages from our Punchdrunk Panda friends. :D
She also compiled the unabridged version of their messages in another layout, which I will just keep to myself since what I really wanted to showcase was Nica’s creativity with this loot bag. Hehe. Boyfriend na boyfriend!

Ayun lang.
Thank you, Nek-nek!

Certified late 20’s,