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Litha! June 21st

Hi everyone! Here are some very EASY ways to celebrate midsummer!

  1. Open up the curtains and let some good sunlight cleanse your room.
  2. Open up the window.
  3. Clean cobwebs from the ceiling and other places.
  4. Go on a picnic!
  5. Eat some berries.
  6. Pick flowers.
  7. Light a candle that reminds you of summer or of the sun.
  8. Wear a floral print.
  9. Make a honey and sugar face scrub.
  10. Make a flower crown.
  11. Garden, or water your plants.
  12. Just sit in the sun, relax for once and soak in new beginnings :) -Freya
Camp Camp Annie AU


Fuckin, Annie AU
We have many an AU, but I don’t think we have an Annie AU so, here.

Max is Annie
David is Mr Warbucks
Daniel is Miss Hannigan
QM is Sandy (he’s a dog named QM)
The campers are the orphans in the orphanage
Gwen is Grace
Jen is Rooster
Campbell is Lily
The Woodscouts are butlers
The Flowerscouts are maids
Annnddd Jasper is Mr. Bundles

I don’t know if I wanna switch Gwen and David around???


So, once upon a time, a little while back, I found this signed Pearl Jam guitar online. It was obviously hella expensive, but an idea struck, so I decided to bite the bullet and tweet asking if anyone was interested in being part of a group effort to buy Colin “the best gift ever”…

…& the immediate response I got through messages was phenomenal. Within a few hours, we had 25+ of us all very willing to be a part of what we later dubbed #TeamSmiles (and #HappyHookers). Some of these ladies, I’d never even spoken to before, but they became firm friends and now, they’re like family.

In less than 24 hours, we organized ourselves and knew we could do it. We could buy Colin the guitar of his dreams. And that’s exactly what we did. We were so organized, in fact, that we managed to also throw in a little extra and send a huge bouquet of flowers to Jen (we chose one called Happy Thoughts, because we felt that suited her) and a hamper of craft beer and goodies to Sarah (leaflady).

After a bit of rough sailing at first, once the guitar was finally shipped, we all obsessively checked the USPS tracker and watched with growing excitement as it got closer and closer, and finally said Delivered, signed for by ‘Colin D’.

Then came his tweet. And the giddy tweets from him that followed. And we all died happy. The end.

“That’s what we do. We walk a tightrope every day. Getting out the door is a tightrope. Going grocery shopping is a tightrope. Socializing is a tightrope. Things that most people consider to be normal, daily parts of life are the very things we fear and struggle with the most, and yet here we are, moving forward anyway. That’s not weak.”

Jen Wilde, Queens of Geek


Never ask Allura to kiss you and then close your eyes.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe - Ep. 22 - The Deadly Flowers

Voltron: Legendary Defender - Lance’s Vlog (I don’t remember which ep, but here’s the link to the vlog)


For the record, that mouse kissed him xD


I’ve been thinking about the Swan Queen fandom lately after reading some fics. I have never had the pleasure of being apart of such a diverse group of people. I’ve never been apart of a fandom thats so supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and the Womens Rights movement. I have never seen so many people from so many different back rounds come together over two amazing women. Some people in this fandom make fanart, some write fanfiction, some send Lana and Jen gifts and flowers, some cosplay, and some just sit back and enjoy all the magic going on around them and support the people who dedicate all their time to these women (that would be me). Im not talented. I cant write, I cant draw, I dont cosplay and I dont send gifts but I have never been ridiculed for it. My presence and personality is excepted no matter how I chose to involve myself in this fandom. We have worked and fought so hard to be heard. To be listened to. We got that hug, the simplest thing we could ask for and we had to fight for it and sure the writers completely messed it up, but dammit we got that hug. So just because Swan Queen is over, its not over. I hope this fan base never fades and never dies because then everything we have built and fought for would be for nothing we have to stay together and keep posting and writing and showing Lana and Jen how much they mean to us and make sure they know we havent forgotten about them. Some people connect more with Lana some connect more with Jen and some people just love and care for them equally and it doesnt matter which. We have changed peoples veiws about SQ and got people to start shipping it and involving themselves. I didnt ship it at first I didnt see what everyone was talking about, but then someone took the time to talk to me, debate with me, and show me things that I was to blind to notice. We are a beautiful group of people. I want us to grow and spread and keep Swan Queen alive. I already been seeing other ships dying down and it would break my heart to see us do the same. These women, Jen and Lana, have been my anchor for 6 years. Im not sure where I would be without them. I know we can keep this going because are the most epic relationship to ever exsist. WE ARE SWEN.

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Im not proud with what i did-
I only like David.
Thats it.
The rest are sh!t-
Also finding the colors was hard as shIt-