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hey Jen its flower anon woo 🌸   I was wondering if I could request an outfit for going out for drinks with seungcheol, wonwoo and mingyu?   thank you ~  I’m sorry if I am a bother!

Hi flower anon! I’m so happy you asked for this outfit, I enjoyed making it alot (probs cos i’m in the mood where i just finished 2 essays and need to start revising for a physics test and need something equivalent to drink :P). I can finally post this now after a 3 hour blackout *sighs* and they say it’s only the beginning…..


anonymous asked:

OMG! That picture of Josh smelling the bouquet of flowers Jen is holding out for him. That is just about the sweetest picture ever. Damn it! How can anyone help but be total trash for these two?

IT’S SO CUTE!!!!!!

because she smells them

and then she holds them out for josh to smell

LIKE WHAT EVEN!?  i swear, they do this just to torture us.

Josh Hutcherson on Peeta Mellark's non-stereotypical masculinity... with some help.
  • Josh: Peeta's character is more of the painter, the artist, the sensitive, kind of more... less aggressive -
  • Jennifer: Baker.
  • Josh: Baker. Thank you.
  • Simon Mayo, BBC: Flower picker.
  • Josh: Flower picker... okay!Fine! Got it! Understood.
  • Jen (laughing): Flower picker.
  • Mayo: He does! He picks flowers for you.
  • Jen: I know he does!
  • Josh: It's true.

My little cousin is over (she’s 5) and she keeps asking me how tall things are using the unit of flowers?
“Jen? How many flowers tall is the door?”
“How many flowers tall is the sky?”

She’s so cute I’m dying