jen draws stupid doodles

“I’m Home”

Aka Jen’s drawing stupid things again while she tries to get back in the mood to draw. After Anime North my drawing mood took a nose-dive. >.<; But of course I couldn’t STOP drawing before AN when I should have been sewing. /)_<; Anyhoo, trying to force my way through it, cause I have few things to work on. ^.^ (…this also ended up looking a bit like a previous drawing derp. |D Oh well…)

Tablet broke again other day. Dad managed to fix it. I used some low temp glue this time to make the usb connector not wiggle around in the socket to break it. :x 

Course, soon as it broke I got the urge to doodle. lol Just something stupid and self indulgent, of course, as I warm up a bit. 

I clearly hate myself… 

Yeah, we’ll see how this goes. I’ll probably want to shoot myself before it’s finished. I really want something awesome though for Otakuthon, cause I’ve had a lack of good new art for cons. lol So I decide to do something hard, aw yeah.