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OUATVAN 2017 - Colin & Jen - Panel


  • Next panel with Jen and Colin (x)
  • Jen has been to Australia and she loves it (x)
  • Jen says they don’t have an official pick up for S7 yet so she can’t say if she’s leaving or staying (x)
  • Jen says to give hope is what Eddie and Adam wanted for the show from the beginning (x)
  • Somebody tried to kick Colin’s at window in Monte Carlo once (x)
  • Jen has had many people proposing in front of her (x)
  • Jen is trying to juggle her play and the cons but she can’t promise anything. She’ll do the best she can (x)
  • A&E just gave the role of Emma to Jen (x)
  • Colin says the show is about hope and spraying a message of happiness. (x)
  • Colin got some scripts and they liked how he played hook that’s why he got the part (x)
  • Jen says the writers pick up on things they haven’t even talked about and subconsciously pick up things from their personal lives (x)
  • Jen really struggled being this far away from home all the time but she has managed not to feel disconnected (x)
  • Colin really embraced the eyeliner (x)
  • Jen’s fave book is east of eden (x)
  • Colin really liked the bean stock scene in the beginning and the scene where Emma killed Hook (x)
  • Jen says it’s a dream to be working with someone you really  get along with and it clicked instantly with Colin (x)
  • Jen’s fave scene with Colin is yet to be seen (x)
  • If Jen could she might go back in time to the 40’s and Colin to the 20’s (Jen said nope you don’t wanna go there and he agreed) (x)
  • Jen used to watch the show but she has problems distancing herself from it so she hasn’t been watching in a few years (x)
  • Colin is proud of the show and it’s message (x)
  • Colin thinks Hook dresses like Prince (x)
  • Colin is joking Emma and Colin could be prince and princess of the sea (x)
  • Jen is telling about her play. Tickets are available for purchase online. She’s excited to work with Matthew Perry! (x)
  • Jen works with the information she’s been given for the character and then looks for the contradictions (x)
  • Jen tries to build memories for her characters form going deeper into details that fill out moments (x)
  • The season 3 finale was fun for both of them to film (x)

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Marinette learns an important lesson: Bingo is a perfectly normal hobby.  

(Also, maybe she should ease up on the creepy behavior.)

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Looks like she needs a helping hand ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Addendum:  If we’re going by the original French air date order, the only relapse after this happens in Volpina when she’s following Lila and Adrien.  However, she’s technically following Lila and confronting her for lying so I’m gonna give her a pass on this one…I’m really hoping this is her epiphany and that she burned that schedule.

The fuck are people still complaining about AOU???

Its been almost two years, let it the freak go!!

You’ll feel better, trust me.

Yeah, it did some silly things, the writing wasn’t all that tight, executives were too involved with production. But at it’s core it was a quintessential comic book romp, that was fun and tried to explore facets of relationships we don’t usually see.

And ya’ll know what, fuck y'all! the Brucenat was flawed, but it was interesting and different (not completely, but it wasn’t’ the girl going for the beefiest best looking guy). The actors had chemistry, and it played with subjects that don’t normally get to be played with in a fairly respectful way (imo). The woman was the one who initiated anything, and she flat out tells him why she digs him. Just because it wasn’t the classic comic book ship, doesn’t mean you have to have your undies in a twist for two years.

Also it’s a movie, I’m sure you can find something better to waste all that energy on.

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Ouat Con Burbank 2017 - Saturday, Jen’s Panel
  • “I always feel so lonely when he leaves me up here.” jen after colin left (x)
  • jen is very confident she’ll work with colin again bc of how well they worked together she’d love to direct him in something (x)
  • Jen very proud of working on ‘Warrior’ & ‘Back Roads’ (x)
  • if jen was a superhero, her power would be to heal people her and Colin’s superhero team name would be the healing healers (x)
  • Jen said she will attend more conventions in the future if she’s available! (x)
  • jen wouldn’t direct an episode of ouat bc directing tv is different from the kind of directing she’s interested in rn (x)
  • Jen dreams of writing a novel, loves fiction. Wants to start writing her own work as a director (x)
  • by the end of season 3, they had a pretty good idea that cs being true love was the track the show was going to go (x)
  • jmo read a lot of memoirs of people who were in the foster system to build Emma’s story (x)
  • Jen & Emma are similar in that they were both outsiders in the beginning. (x)
  • She liked the complexity of Emma & Regina and that they grew to be friends and both parent Henry. (x)
  • jen wants to take a month off to write a script she’s been thinking about (x)
  • she will always act, she won’t stop just because she’s started directing (x)
  • Every scene with drunk Hook was basically a blooper. Colin was hilarious (x)
    • Jen: “Colin loves Drunk Hook so much, it’s so easy to love those scenes because it brings him so much joy.” (x)
  • “Emma is a little bit of GI Joe and Cinderella.” (x)
  • a lot of emma’s toughness comes from the things she’s went through in life (x)
  • she thinks the scene where emma chooses hook over her heart in the underworld was a great point of growth for Emma (x)
  • when she’s faced with difficult decisions, she always tries to think about what decisions she can make and still feel good about herself (x)
  • jen wants people to know that she gave her all everyday she played emma swan over the years (x)
  • we will soon hear more about how to see sun dogs (x)
  • jen got her first agent after participating in fashion shows as a kid (x)
  • ½ Jen: “I hope success has revealed that I’m still the same person I always was. I try to be a very even person. I don’t ever want to lose (x)
    • 2/2 touch with who my parents raised.” (x)


anonymous asked:

Is bigs me to see fans arguing about Brendon's interpretation of the meaning of G/G/B. Maybe he changes his explanation of it so much because HE DIDNT WRITE IT!!!! It's Dallons song! HIS explanation is that it's a story about a love triangle involving differing sexualities. Which is a reality that people experience all the time. And considering the lyrics, that explanation makes perfect fucking sense! Why don't people give Dallon credit for his work!?!?

I guess a lot of people still just don’t think about the possibility that Brendon isn’t the only one writing songs just because he’s the sole remaining member. Dallon used to be a full time member and did ofc write on the songs with him then.
Here is what Dallon said about G/G/B back in 2013: “G/G/B is simple: Boy loves girl, girl loves girl. He mistakes sexual attraction for love saying it’s not a choice.”

I actually think he wrote most of the song, it’s his favorite on TWTL and he called it his baby multiple times.


“There’s definitely been a lot of complications in terms of the bottom surgery,” Jennings explained on Tuesday’s PEOPLE Now. “We’ve been talking about it a lot. You’ll see in the show, there’s some problems because I’ve been on the hormone blockers and basically I haven’t had a lot of development — so we’re debating if I have enough material to work with.”