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People are misreading his tweet. Everyone (Including the LGBT) should have an equal opportunity (have equal rights) to choose what they want to do (marriage in this case) & Personal beliefs about the matter are irrelevant (other people's homophobic beliefs). People claim he's shielding homophobic thoughts w a noble answer but even if he is secretly homophobic (tho I doubt it's true), he is literally defending gay marriage. Either way, these are all assumptions made from little evidence.

people are always trying really hard to make someone problematic, it pisses me off

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aww, you and your doodles are a blessing to this world! :DDD could you... maybe doodle a happy sphinx ford?

happy sphinx ford = nappy sphinx ford

Jensen Ackles might be the one who knows Dean Winchester best but he is obviously not the character. And which one of you can be sure that you really know yourself yet to say anyone else? Dean Winchester and Jen are two different people.
I don’t understand why this is a thing. Jensen doesn’t ship Destiel just because he doesn’t see their connection, their relationship that way, and it DOESN’T mean he is homophobic.
Please don’t mistake it and insult him. We’re a family. Don’t ruin it because of ship preference.

  • Pat: Here have a fish *Throws a cookie*
  • Jen: This is not a fish this is a carrot I can see where the confusion lies
  • Pat: I threw you a fish!
  • Jen: No you didn't you threw a Cookie
  • Jen: no I didn't
  • Pat: Yes you did! XD
  • Jen: I said you threw a cookie!
  • Pat: you said carrot
  • Jen: I did??
  • Pat: yes xD
  • Jen: well in my mind I heard cookie

“I… can’t…” The soft words fell from Brendon’s lips, barely audible. He clutched the katana hilt tighter in his sweaty palm, his vision obscured by tears. Dallon was tied up, kneeling in the silty dirt, glaring back at Brendon with inky black eyes. No light was reflected in them, and no emotion either. Even if Dallon was possessed, even if nothing of his former self remained, all his memories forgotten, unable to recognize his own lover, Brendon still couldn’t kill him.

This was a magical magic conjured up by myself and @dallnweeks. It’s based off the Miss Jackson video but instead of killing the cult lady person Brendon has to kill Dallon who’s become possessed by a daemon. But he cannot. Yeah they have no faces but it’s creepier that way.

Evan Jennings does macaroni art: “HABIT made me glue it.”
Evan Jennings makes soup: “HABIT made me stew it.”
Evan Jennings blows bubblegum: “HABIT made me chew it.”
Evan Jennings takes legal action: “HABIT made me sue it.”
Evan Jennings heckles the actors at a play: “HABIT made me boo it.”
Evan Jennings tosses his cookies: “HABIT made me spew it.”
Evan Jennings decides to reblog a post later: “HABIT made me queue it.”

The strongest force in the human personality is a need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves. We live how we believe we are.

If we define ourselves at our core as ‘Athletic’,  our whole being will work to achieve or maintain that standard, it will be part of us. If we constantly say things like, ‘I’ve always been heavy.’ or ‘I’ve never been good at sports,’  or ‘I can’t lose weight,’ or worse, then our subconscious, and the universe, for that matter, will say,”Oh – never mind, their body has excess weight, they struggle to workout consistently and eat healthy food, that matches their identity, no assistance needed here.”

If you aren’t happy with a part of your life, then raise your standards. Change your definition of who you are at your core. Change your story and put that new belief out to the Universe. It doesn’t mean things will magically change, that the weight will drop off overnight, or you’ll get stronger without putting in the time. It still takes effort, but be open for assistance and opportunities to live up to your new, higher standards which will appear in your life … and be ready to TAKE THEM.

It won’t be easy to change. You have to change your self-talk. When you hear those old words in your brain or on your lips, STOP and change them immediately. You can change your story, you can re-define yourself, free yourself from old, limiting beliefs and achieve your dreams.

Sources: Tony Robbins , Jen Sincero 

Hmmm, which of my OTP is more problematic right now? The person dating the skeevy director with baby mama drama rumors or the one who hasn’t worked in forever with momanger issues and perhaps a low key gambling problem. Ahhh, adventures in OTP…aka the soap opera As the Joshifer World Turns. 

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They did kiss. It's on a video. They're like waiting for a taxi and Darren leans in and kisses her. Emphasis on the fact it was Darren and not Jen! That should tell people something about how that relationship works

Thank you anons for correcting me.  There is video.  It’s hilarious that it blurs just as he goes in to kiss her. Probably cause this happened:

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