A Not-So-Top-Secret Halloween

Since this is our first year at the Triskelion, we are learning new things like all the time. For example, Halloween is apparently a Big Deal here. Who knew.

Anyway, in less than a week, we’ll be hosting a trick-or-treat station at the reference desk for the S.H.I.E.L.D. employees’ kids at the after-hours festivities starting at 6:30. If you work at the Triskelion and happen to have smol agents around the house, bring them to visit us! We’ll give them goody bags filled with candy, bookmarks, and other age-appropriate bookish treats.

We’re hoping to see lots of tiny superheros and secret agents this year!

Meanwhile, our biggest question is not what to wear, but if Amy will let us wear our costumes to work…

<3 <3 <3 The Reference Minions

 I’m going to go over this bit by bit because this whole thing is just an absolute mess. 

 Firstly, “Warning”? Really? Who are you, my mother? This is so ridiculous. What gives you any idea that you have power over me, over Beth, over this blog, or over this person that you apparently aren’t a fan of. Really? Really?? Reeeeally??? C’mon. You’re nobody big, you have no authority, and you obviously don’t have a single clue who you’re even talking to. 

 First line. If you’re going to call this chick a talent-less hack she’d better have not taken color theory or anatomy as well, that’s all I’m going to say. You’re telling me that somebody out there has no right to criticize the web’s equivalent of Rob Liefeld, I’m going to have to call bullshit on that. Unless this chick is drawing stick figures in neons, I think she’s fine.

 Second line. Is that a threat? It’s cute, but it’s illegal. Maybe Viv’s lawyer-mom can tell you all about that. Again, you’re mistaken, so I don’t know what you’re going to do to me or Beth because you don’t have anything on either of us? Like, if you were to go ahead with your threat and make whatever “look like a slap on the wrist” in comparison, I still don’t get how that affects us? It would be shitty to go attack somebody else because of us, but can’t know where you’d even begin? 

 Third line. Jokes on you I’m not an artist by profession. And Beth pays rent with her art, so, good luck there. Or is this directed at your not-so-buddy? Does putting other people down make you feel better about yourself, kiddo? 

 Fourth line. Two people run this blog, Nick left. Sorry to disappoint. 

 Fifth line. Except no? No, you don’t know who I am, because you’re way off the mark? Like, I don’t even have that letter in my name, let alone is it an initial, let alone is the entire thing mine? Again, good try.

 Sixth line. Another threat? Seriously, talk to Vivi’s mom about those. It’s way worse than anything a public critique blog could ever get. And I have never emailed, tweeted, or reached out to Viv in any way, this blog has maybe tagged her twice in its entire existence and that was before we knew she was blocked, and we never ask anybody to message her on our behalf, we’re as cool as cucumbers so please kindly take a hint and calm down. If you go into google and type in “rage management counselor” it might help. 

 Seventh and eighth line. Wow, this is really some middle school kind of drama that I’d honestly love to get into one day but I simply do not have the time. Is this really all about who didn’t get invited to whose parties and what Julianne said about Susan? That’s really cute. 

 Last line. Most of my friends don’t have tumblrs, but if you figure out who I really am, you’re welcome to tell them that I stole one of their staplers and never gave it back. And that I keep stealing lunches from another, but she’s aware I’m sure. And I stole Beth’s razor but don’t tell her, she’s the only one you can’t tell. 

 On a serious note, again, I don’t know who you’re going to go talk to, but if you’re so unstable as to take out your rage on the wrong person then I feel bad for them? I can’t really do anything? Sorry. That’s a pretty pathetically low blow, though, I gotta say. Why didn’t you just message your not-so-friend? Or maybe, I don’t know, try to have a civil conversation about it with her? Maybe she could’ve told you that you’re wrong before you sent a message to a blog making a total ass of yourself in full view of our audience?

 Take a hint from your own fake address maybe.

- Jen

Hi can we please talk about the total awesomeness of echeveria? It’s my favourite succulent species - it’s hardy and beautiful and comes in so many different colours, shapes and patterns. Each of these six are different breeds of echeveria and each are perfect in their own way 💕

  • Jumin:How much do you like me?
  • Zen:Go outside and count the stars, that's how much I love you.
  • Jumin:But its morning?
  • Zen:Exactly.