jemmas photos


Guys! Liz posted this photo on her Instagram, and while it’s not exactly the same photo Fitz had in his bunk on the Bus (and is now in their room at the Playground), it was definitely taken during the same shoot. They’re wearing the same clothes and are almost positioned the same. Look at them! Look how tiny they are! (Look at the dramatic difference between season 1 and 4 Fitz!) I can’t believe he’s giving her bunny ears. What a nerd.


You are not in control here.

Blue - @sunnii-d

Echo - ZuZu

Charlie - jemmalep

Delta - @sorta-out-there

Indominus Rex - Rachel

T-Rex - @kazzlet

Jurassic World group @ London MCM Comic Com October 2015


Pics of Jemma from Saturday - yes, that’s me meeting her there.  Feel free to take the pics, crop me out (please!) and use them for whatever.

I should explain the serious expression on Jemma’s face in a few of them - this was when I was telling her how she helped me through Breast Cancer treatment last year - she was an absolute delight, got a wee bit emotional and we had a delightful wee chat.

I’m absolutely and totally in love.