Deleted scenes from the next episode of AOS
  • *Robbie and Daisy are surrounded by S.H.I.E.L.D.*
  • Robbie:I'll hold them off for as long as I can. Give you time to get away.
  • Daisy:No, we stick together! Why are you pushing me away, you're my best friend in the world-
  • Robbie:-and you're more than that.
  • *cut to Fitz and Simmons watching the scene from the base*
  • Fitz:Did they just-
  • Simmons:-I feel so offended right now.
  • *Mack and Yoyo burst into the room*
  • Yoyo:Mack, you know what Ghost Rider can do! Can't we at least just talk about us before you go!
  • Mack:There's nothing to discuss.
  • Yoyo:...maybe there is.
  • *Fitz and Simmons stare at them in silent rage*
  • Fitz:What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On!
  • Simmons:It can't get any worse-
  • *Melinda and Coulson walk up next to Fitz and Simmons*
  • Coulson:So when you said all those things about moving on from Andrew and starting something between us... I mean, you were tired and dehydrated-
  • May:-I was as clearheaded then as I've ever been... when I said all those things.
  • Fitz:*drops his clipboard* Okay, I'm out!
  • Simmons:Right behind you.
  • *Fitz and Simmons attempt to leave. However, they are blocked by Radcliffe, who is eating a sandwich*
  • Radcliffe:Hey, FitzSimmons! You won't believe what just happened! AIDA made me a prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella sandwich with a hint of homemade pesto aioli-
  • Fitz and Simmons:*pushes past Radcliffe, which makes him drop the sandwich.*
  • Radcliffe:*sad because of sandwich* What. The. Hell!


This woman has my heart!!! And her dance moves were so adorable it hurt 

How about a Shakespeare Sunday?

Jemma Redgrave reads sonnet 5, 72, 124 & 147:

anonymous asked:

Hi! On imdb, Elizabeth has a stunt double for episode 4. Obviously we don't have any information for that episode yet, but I was just wondering if you had any theories about what that could be for?

Hi Anon!

The short answer….

Originally posted by itsamemichaela

Long Answer….

For me this is a tick in the Woman on Fire/Fitznapping just MIGHT be upon us.  Its early so we’ll have to wait and see if we get more evidence and if Iain’s double shows up too.  IMDB updates slowly so we’ll know better if his doubles and other doubles show up as well.   Ones I’m personally watching for are Mallory, Hannah, and Iain.  Chloe’s should pop up too with Gabe’s in the mix.  

We know from Chloe that there was a night shoot for 4 where we saw.  Mack, Jemma, Daisy, Radcliffe, and Aida all on set.  We think we heard Coulson.  Fitz is hard, he could have been there and hidden from the camera.  

Jemma being in the field with her new position is odd, we haven’t seen CSI Jemma in ages where she is actually on scene.  Its usually Fitz who is doing that.  Even odder that Radcliffe and Aida are there….Aida the secret project we are hiding until its safe to show her to Shield.  

Current options:

  • Fitznapping, Woman on Fire Jemma is getting her man back
  • Saving May, she is out trying to find something to help May recover from whatever Lucy did to her
  • In place of Fitz, he gets injured in 3 so can’t go into the field. 
  • Fitz is with her and they are investigating with everyone else. 
  • Helping Daisy, she calls her friends for help with Ghost Rider….this one is a bit less likely.   Again due to Jemma’s position she can’t help with Daisy without reporting her or trying to bring her in.
  • Team is out investigating Lucy, she might be all all Ghostbusters, running around in the streets, causing terror. 
    • We know Radcliffe is helping Jemma with something to help May 
  • The Team is out investigating Ghost Rider
    • If there are bodies involved from either Ghost Rider or Lucy that would explain Jemma being out as the resident coroner.  

No matter what this is exciting!!!  You all remind me I said that when the episode is upon us and I’m hiding in my blanket fort.  


#4.02 “Meet the New Boss” promo

Daisy goes to battle Ghost Rider at a terrible cost, and Coulson faces the new Director, and his bold agenda surprises them all, on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 (10|9c), on ABC. [promo 2]


I think…

…this is Coulson being concerned about May, maybe he’s speaking with the new director and someone rushes into their room like “We need help, agent May is attacking other agents”

…this is May fighting her fellow agents, I don’t know why but I think she’ll hurt Piper (I know, it’s a bad quality photo but it’s hard to capture a shot with May being a total badass haha xD)

…this is May in the module trying to get out or maybe even begging Simmons to kill her or something like that. Maybe it’ll be a parallel to Phil’s “Let me die, please, let me die”. I think she’ll see horrible things and it will be like Bahrain all over again.

I honestly can’t wait to the next episode !!

anonymous asked:

Hi! love your blog, you're doing a really good job. :) I was wondering, if you think it is possible that under some (unknown) circumstances Fitz would be forced by some bad guys to reprogram Aida? To make her evil / an actual weapon, and able to kill? There have been many hints to Fitz working against Shield – like with Garett in season one. And Aida would 100% be interesting for interesting for a lot of people, and honestly isn’t just a question of time before something goes wrong with a robot?

Hi Anon!  

Thank you very much!

Now THIS is is something I do think we can honestly be worried about.

A Robot that has a remote controlling it…yeap only a matter of time before someone tries to use that for nefarious purposes.  AIDA will not be a secret for long and I expect Jemma and Shield to know about her by 6.   I also feel that AIDA is based on Adam from the Machine Teen comics where an evil Holden Radcliffe (our future still unseen baddie) kidnapped Adam, his ‘father’ (see our version of Radcliffe), and friends (See Fitzsimmons) and attempted to make him evil.  

One of Fitz’s immediate concerns about AIDA was her being used as a weapon.  Radcliffe saying she couldn’t kill was like the flare on Maveth that at some point we were going down that particular road.  She could be the next step up from the Centipede soldiers we had in season one.  And then can you imagine if she is outfitted with the Centipede tech or even what Fitz has been doing with Coulson’s hand.   What we’ve seen in the hand so far is all non lethal but we all know that Fitz could just as easily make the hand incredibly lethal.  

Now they have set up that for AIDA to kill, she will have to be programmed to do so.   Fitz and Radcliffe will be some of the few that have the ability to even do that.  Sure there are other geniuses out there but they aren’t familiar with her and I am hoping Radcliffe put some sort of safeguards in place to protect her from being messed with.  

Last season we saw both Fitz and Radcliffe forced to use their talents and knowledge to help the bad guys.  Fitz to open the portal/go to Maveth.  Radcliffe to make the virus for Hive.  The big difference being the reason behind them giving in to the demands.  Fitz was to save Jemma.  Radcliffe was to save himself with a dash of getting carried away by the challenge/science of it.  And we all know that if the baddies want to get Fitz to do something they just need to get Jemma too and can use her as leverage (we still haven’t really resolved that self sacrifice bit)….Radcliffe won’t be to the level of Jemma but he could also be used as leverage as well.  While on the other side of the coin FItz will be to the point where he can be used as leverage for Radcliffe (who I hope gets some sort of redemption arc and refuses to help the baddies to save his own but does it to save Fitz).  

You are totally right, they have teased just how dangerous it would be for Fitz to be working for the wrong side since season one.  Everyone wants him working for them.

  • Garrett was going to take him in Season One and was practically drooling every time he watched Fitz use his tech.
  • Gonzales tried to get him and Simmons right out of the Academy as well…who knows who else was fighting for them.
  • Gonzales had him followed after he left.  Partly to see if he’d lead them to Coulson but also as Bobbi said he’s got a lot of big ideas and they wanted to make sure they didn’t fall into the wrong hands.
  • “I’m selective who I work with,” Radcliffe drooling over Fitz’s work and now working with him/them.

There is no way Fitz would  ever willingly work for the bad guys or turn AIDA into a weapon.  For him to do such a thing would have to mean.

  • They have CONSIDERABLE leverage against him.  Jemma alone would likely be enough.  But throw in baddies using Radcliffe, the team, or even the lives of Innocents.
  • They make it so he doesn’t realize what he is doing.  They snatch him and stick him in that VR program, where he doesn’t realize what he is doing.  
  • There is torture, brain scanning, and or brainwashing involved….yeah for the record NOT a fan of this option.  

And its not just the reprogramming of AIDA we need to worry about, its his talents being used to create weapons.  

I’m not letting go of the idea that we won’t see something like Super Adaptoid at some point.  For me its a big way to take the LMD/AI stuff to the next level without going full on Ultron, because they won’t repeat that story.  For those who haven’t seen some of my older metas, he is Android built by AIM that can mimic super powers it comes across.   Can you imagine what they could do with something like this on the show….something that could use Daisy’s, Robbie’s, or Elena’s powers.  

If at any point we get AIDA in the hands of baddies, whether she comes out reprogrammed or not, is a bad thing.  It will give the baddies the basics to start building their own version.  Even going that route the baddies will eventually need Fitz or Radcliffe to program it.  


Jemma Simmons and Melinda May Season 4 Episode 1 Scene

I am having emotions about May and Elena both breaking the rules to do all that they can to do what they think is the best way to help Daisy. While Jemma and Fitz are trying to establish themselves in the new S.H.I.E.L.D structure and Coulson and Mack are trying to find Daisy, May and Elena are out there doing everything in their power to keep Daisy safe putting her above all else (May covering for Daisy when she found out Daisy had been at the hospital where the guy died, and Elena by giving Daisy S.H.I.E.L.D info and medicine) in different ways sure, but they both have the same goal: help Daisy.

WOC look out for each other!