Literally everyone used the prospect of telling Simmons that Fitz was gone to motivate people into doing better. No one hammered on it because no one had to. All the characters and the audience knew what that would mean. Additionally, it gave Henstridge and De Caestecker something meaty to sink their teeth into. I’ve said since the frickin’ beginning that those two are the dark horses of acting talent on this show. They were hiding there, underutilized the entire time, and when a storyline would let them loose they’d emotionally destroy every human in their path.

“I still can’t believe I’m on the same team as Thor’s little sister.” Skye said as she threw herself on your bed. 

“I’ve told you, I’m not Thor’s little sister, I’ve never even met the guy.” You said closing your laptop and laying back so that the two of you were lying side by side. 

“How’s Jemma taking it?” You asked. 

“She’s still looking over your file, and I think Fitz wants to see if you can use your abilities to power one of his inventions.” She said making you roll your eyes. 

“How are you feeling?” She asked 

“Ehh, Coulson and May already knew, I mean I am on the gifted list, and I’ve never really cared much for what Ward thinks.” You said with a small shrug. 

“Well, I don’t think you’re going to hear any complaints from Ward, you did use your abilities to save him after all, besides you’re still my best friend, it’s just a shame you can't introduce me to Thor.” Skye said with a sigh making you laugh. 

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Look it’s Jemma and Kathy (jules’ mum)

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FS & 34 please! Love your writing!

It can’t be Leo Fitz.  The man across the way, dressed in a lavishly detailed Regency-era costume and wearing a golden mask that covers most of his face, simply can’t be the awkward Scotsman she shared a lab with a million years ago.  This man is confident.  Handsome.  Capable of dancing without crushing his partner’s toes.

But the way he winces when his partner gets a vice-like grip on his arm is exactly the same.  So is his eye roll at whatever the people around him are saying.  If he was smiling, she probably wouldn’t recognize him, she thinks wryly and heads over to give him a piece of her mind.  This is her assignment, the corrupt billionaire who’s throwing the party her target, and even though May told her Coulson’s division might have sent an extra agent for backup, she doesn’t need it.

“You don’t need to be here,” she whispers fiercely after she’s fought her way through the crowd to him. “Tell the boys that I’m perfectly capable of handling it on my own.”

“I’m sorry, do I—” Fitz freezes and looks at her again, trying to peer past the silver mask that conceals her identity. “Simmons?  What on earth are you doing here?”

“I’m on a mission.  And I don’t need anyone else here to muck it up.” Back when they were in training together, Fitz once dropped a beaker full of dangerous experimental chemicals in the lab.  They weren’t able to use it for a good two weeks.

“This is my mission,” he argues. “What if you muck it up?”

“As if I could,” she scoffs.

“How about a challenge?” Fitz offers. “We’ll see who gets to him first. Winner gets bragging rights and eternal glory.  Loser has to buy the winner dinner.”

“All right.  And Fitz?” She turns to call over her shoulder as she leaves, the full skirts of her dress swirling around her. “I like Italian.”

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AoS Advent 2016 - Day 2

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Written for AoS Advent 2016, organized by the lovely @theclaravoyant

@mashiarasdream, who gave it a quick beta, said “It might be the cheesiest tooth rotting fluff on the planet.”

A smile like no other

He had always loved her smile.

He remembers the first time she smiled at him when they met at the Academy. It had been polite. The kind of smile you extend to new acquaintances. And yet there was a warmth about it that immediately made him feel welcome. She may have considered them bitter rivals at first. She may have thought he hated her. But it was so far from the truth.

He remembers the faint hint of a grateful smile when he held her, half-buried beneath the rubble of the destroyed monolith, still catching her breath.

He remembers the twitching of her lips, a grimace more than a smile, after he returned from Maveth empty-handed. He couldn’t read her then, couldn’t tell if her smile was forced, if all he saw in her eyes was grief over a man she’d lost, or if maybe it was genuine, if it was relief over seeing him alive. Throughout the years he had realized that it had been the latter.

He remembers her smile, her laughter, when she told him that she was done wasting time, when she made it clear that it was him that she longed to be with. He could barely believe his eyes and ears.

He remembers the smile in her eyes and the one playing on her lips, standing in the middle of a hotel room in Bucharest. His heart had never beaten quite so fast before.

He remembers how she smiled at him in her wedding gown, how it brought him to tears to realize that he, Leopold Fitz, made her happy, made her smile; that she was ready, was longing to spend the rest of her life with him.

Her smiles had so many facets, twists, and turns. He had seen so many of them through the years, every beautiful and subtle nuance of her smile.

And yet, as he watches her holding their newborn baby, tears streaming down her face as she whispers words of love and welcome down to the tiny naked being in her arms, Fitz feels as if he sees her smile for the first time. And when she looks up and her eyes meet his, her smile—beaming, warm, loving, raw, and emotional—fills his entire body, creeps into his heart, his mind and soul, until his own lips mirror it.

He never imagined that he could love anyone the way he loves Jemma Simmons, and through their years together he had started to believe that she would never love anyone as much as him.

But now he’s smiling at his wife, holding their baby, and she’s beaming back at him, and he realizes that life after this day, life after this smile will never be the same. They’ve gone from being Fitzsimmons to being parents, being a family. And a love already beyond measure had grown exponentially with the arrival of their little holiday miracle.