So was on the train this morning to see Jemma in London and I was reading the latest update of Amnesia and my friend asked what it was about and well… sure as heck, didnt a COMPLETE stranger reach across the isle and say ‘Hold up! Can I just butt in here… I’ve read that” 

SWEET JEBUS!!! PEOPLE THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! IF YOU MENTION BERENA ON A TRAIN YOU’RE GONNA FIND BERENA FANS! Turns out we were going to the same convention AND are going to see WTBS on the same day too!!!! I cant! 

If youre out there and I’ve actually convinced you to join tumblr with that oh so delicious url, THANKS FOR MAKING TWO 2 HOUR TRAIN JOURNEYS THE BEST ONES EVER!!! 


Chapter 3 is now posted!

Synopsis: When Fitz is the only one still stuck in the Framework, Jemma and Daisy hack their way in to save him, but the world is much more complicated than they anticipated. With only three days to convince him the world isn’t real, Daisy leads Framework Fitz through a mysterious investigation, while Jemma must learn the story of a very different FitzSimmons, a story that will solidify how they are truly meant to be together - in every universe.

Sneak Peek:

Jemma woke up early, unable to sleep much in the unfamiliar bed and the obvious lack of her other half to curl into, which always helped her fall asleep in the real world. She was also up late thinking about Daisy, worried about her safety due to her having to retire for the day in a bed shared with Ward, but she couldn’t let herself get too worried. Daisy knew how to take care of herself.

After showering – thankfully, the house still had running hot water - she prepared herself some tea and returned to the contents of the safe. She knew she should be reading the files, as Daisy reported to her last night of their plan to inspect the lab first thing in the morning, but all she wanted to do was continue reading the journal entries. Then again, it was still important for her to understand their relationship if this Fitz was going to trust her to follow her out of the Framework.

Cracking open the journal where she left off the previous night, she curled into the sofa and allowed her mind to drift.

Read Chapter 3 on AO3, or start from the beginning!

jemmassunrise  asked:

Hi!! If you aren't too busy (no rush :D) could you please write either 'things you said after it was over' or 'things you said when you thought I was asleep'? Your writing is fantastic and I hope you enjoyed the episode!!

Hello! Thank you so much, and I did enjoy the episode! Now I’m just dying while waiting for the rest of the season.

I did ‘things you said after it was over’ as I wrote a ‘things you said when you thought I was asleep’ awhile ago. (But I’ll write another version for you when I get through the other prompts people have sent!)


“So what now?” she asks, a single tear dropping from her face, but Fitz offers no answers. His brain has fizzled out; he can’t comprehend the blinking from existence of his friend, without fanfare, like it meant nothing. Lincoln sacrificed himself for a world that will never know his name and Fitz just doesn’t know why they hadn’t been faster, smarter, better.

He’ll never be able to unstick Daisy’s aching sobs from his mind, and he’ll never forgive himself for reaching for Jemma and thinking only, thank god it wasn’t you.

They choke their way through a stunned debrief that is less debrief and more an awkward attempt to provide comfort Daisy refuses to accept. After, Jemma drags Fitz back into her bunk and kisses him so hard it bruises. Mine, she is saying against his lips, his throat, his chest, and he gives her everything she’s ever needed because it’s all he knows how to do.

She cries out in pleasure and then she just cries. The only time Fitz feels whole is when he’s buried inside of her, so he holds her against his sweaty skin and lets her tears scrub at his sins.

“I just wanted a vacation with you,” Jemma whispers, breath tickling against his chest. “I thought we’d sorted Hive and I just wanted to leave and I thought I’d never been happier in my whole life.”

Her words break something loose within his lungs. “I’ve never been happier either,” he admits, but happy isn’t quite the right word for it. Relieved, maybe. Grateful. He had seen in Daisy’s breakdown what everyone else must have seen as he fought against a monolith he had no hope of beating.

But he had emerged from hell with sunlight in his arms, and the universe hadn’t even allowed Daisy a body to bury.

“What can we do?” she asks, and he’s not sure if she’s asking about the team or Daisy or their own future.

“I don’t know,” he answers, when he realizes this is the only answer he can give her for anything. The conflicting desires and fears are churning in his stomach until he feels nauseated with them, but Jemma is safe and for now that’s all he will allow himself to need.

“So what now?” she asks, a single tear running down her face as they stare at the security footage, as Mack holds up the barely-legible note from Daisy.

Now, there is a dizzying flood of paperwork that goes along with legitimacy. There are lie detections, whispered rumors about a new chain of command. There are decisions to be made about their new place within an organization for which they’ve killed. For which they’ve died. There is a form to complete requesting joint accommodations, and as he signs his name next to Jemma’s it all seems surreal. Over a decade of friendship and a love that tore his heart out, and all he has to do is sign his name to make it bureaucratically acceptable.

He had bought a bottle of champagne for the occasion. The Seychelles had been indefinitely postponed and at the rate work was going, it would be awhile before they had time to celebrate anything more momentous than being approved for a coveted couple’s room.

But now, with concerning news reports coming in about their best friend who hadn’t even said goodbye, he thinks to the champagne chilling in the refrigerator and wonders if it will ever be appropriate. If Jemma’s drunken giggle will ever be unweighted again.

He doesn’t have answers for Jemma and he knows that, really, she doesn’t expect any.

In the end, she finds the champagne and brings it to him. He’s right—her laugh isn’t as carefree as it had been, underage at the Academy and more drunk off their successes than the alcohol. But when she kisses him and he sloshes his drink on their new bed, when she scolds him and then pulls his shirt off anyway, he thinks this is what healing must feel like.

Daisy downs her glass of champagne and jumps into Fitz’s arms, stealing him away from Jemma for a dance. “I’m so happy for you both,” she says, and he feels the truth of her statement in the way her arms tighten around his waist. Tension he hadn’t known he’d been holding drifts out of him and he places a kiss to her hairline in gratitude. For being his friend, for throwing him an outrageous bachelor party, for coming back to them all those years ago.

They sway together for one whole song before Jemma can’t take his absence any longer and swirls back into his orbit. Daisy kisses Jemma on the cheek delightedly, leaving a bright red imprint of her lips like a brand. She whispers something scandalous in Fitz’s ear that makes him blush and Jemma pulls him towards her for a kiss borderline inappropriate for the relatives and friends scattered around. As if anyone in attendance could ever begrudge them their moments of happiness.

“So… what now?” she asks, tears of laughter streaming down her face as she drags him away from the crowd and onto the quiet balcony. He knows she’s laughing at him—his outfit askew all these hours later, sweat glistening, his curls sticking in every direction—but he’ll never mind looking ridiculous if he can just hear her laugh like this forever. It’s a beautiful night, but the chill in the air has kept most of the guests inside on the dance floor. Above him, the stars light up their little corner of the planet and he sends a grateful thought to Lincoln, for saving the world and allowing him this moment of perfection.

Jemma’s gaze follows his own, up to the stars that had loved her enough to return her to Fitz’s side. It strikes Fitz then, as he looks over at his new wife, that he can truly pinpoint this as the happiest day of his life. When she turns to smirk at him, he grins back and amends his previous thought: this is the happiest day of his life, so far.

Maybe she’s not expecting an answer, but this time he has one. He wraps his arms around her and tucks her head beneath his chin, hands running along her lace dress. “Our part of this party is over. What do you say we sneak off to the honeymoon suite?”

Leopold Fitz!” she gasps, and her smile causes his heart to stutter. He feels like no one’s ever seen a smile like this before, so he kisses her to keep it his secret.

“Yes,” she breathes against his lips. “Yes.” And in this word, she hands him the rest of his life.

Love and Friendship is now on Netflix UK ladies.

It’s kinda ok but would’ve worked better as a stage play. The most ridiculous thing is the costume and makeup department trying to dilute the sexiness of JRed and attempting to make her look older than she is…she’s still smoking hot even with the period get up and bonkers wig!

Worth the watch if you’re a Jemma fan and for that wonderful soft voice she does…that makes me weak at the knees!

Okay, so I’m rewatching the Will-free moments of 4,722 Hours, and like, Jemma spent weeks next to the pond with the monster plant. WEEKS. Which, you know, is smart, since it’s the only water source that she could find. 

She says something about losing her way to the entry site, which means that she tried to find her way back to where she left her necklace, and she couldn’t find it. Basically, she’s consigned to camping out at the pond until she can figure out her next move.

And then, she goes to investigate a noise, walks what, fifty feet(?) away from her campsite, and literally falls into Will’s cave place thing.

I mean, it makes sense that Will would stay near a water source. But he was right next door to a human woman for WEEKS, and didn’t give her any sign that she was there. Did he not need water at all that whole time?

AND THEN, according to the deleted scenes, when he does actually meet her and learns her story, he hands her the necklace that she left behind. Just hands it right over.

So did Will know she was there the whole time? Did he assume that she was Hive? I mean, he would have seen a young woman sitting next to a fire, talking to herself. That’s not a thing that scary sand monsters do. They certainly don’t keep it up for days and weeks and months.

And it seems to me that at one point, Will must have tried to figure out where she came from, right? Or maybe he just stumbled upon a necklace by accident? At the bottom of an arrow made of rocks? An arrow that was clearly made by a human and points in the general direction of the pond? 


I mean, I love Jemma for 85% of that episode. I loved her most of all in the pre-Will parts where she survives on her own. I also love her when she tries to find her way home despite Will the Downer. But we all know nothing this episode doesn’t match up with the rest of season 3 (Hive and the sand monster act completely differently; Will is apparently a completely different person with a different background; Jemma’s reactions don’t line up with her experiences). But, I mean, it doesn’t even make sense internally. 

They got such praise for this episode, and there is some justification for that because Elizabeth’s performance was fantastic, and we did get a lot of great character moments. But between the character-assassination of an ending, the way that the episode fits into the season, and the way the episode fits together as a whole, you really have to wonder what the heck everyone in the writing room was thinking.

Side By Side - a daemon Academy AU

Rating: Mature                 Chapters: 12.5 / 20
Relationships: Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons
Additional Tags: Academy Era, Alternate Universe - Daemons, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, POV Jemma Simmons, Daemon Touching, Light Angst, Pining, Slow Burn, Best Friends, FluffSharing a BedBullyingMisunderstandings 

Summary: When Jemma Simmons and her lion daemon arrive at SHIELD Academy, they don’t really find anyone that interesting - except, that is, for Leopold Fitz.

[A/N: This is a chapter I’ve inserted earlier in the fic, because I wanted to depict Jemma finding out about Fitz’s dad.]

From this inserted chapter 12.5:

Although her mum and Altair had left the house early to spend the day with friends, Jemma’s dad had decided to treat her and Fitz to pancakes, much to Jemma’s excitement and his shyly enthusiastic thanks. As the three humans ate, the dæmons lounged beneath the table, Caedmon occasionally popping his head out to sneak a bit of pancake or sausage from Jemma’s fork.

At the end of the meal, though, her dad reached for the teapot at the same time that Fitz went for the syrup jug, sending the latter crashing to the floor in a dozen pieces.

“I’m sorry,” Fitz stammered, sliding to his knees on the floor and ducking as Jemma’s dad stood to get paper towels. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I’ll get another –”

Her father barked out a laugh, striding back from the kitchen and handing down a couple wetted sheets along with the paper roll to him. “That,” Jemma’s dad said, giving her a knowing smile, “was a present from Jemma’s great aunt Rosemary. Dear woman, terrible taste in dishes. This is much better than having Kaiya accidentally knock it out of the dishwasher.”

On his knees, Fitz stared up at her dad, eyes abnormally wide and ears tinted pink. “Oh,” he muttered, shoulders relaxing.

Read chapter 12.5 here.

fitzsimmonsftw  asked:

Fitzsimmons for the ship meme thing, please

Sure thing! (send me a ship)

  • who hogs the duvet

Jemma, most defs. She runs cold, so she probably tries to nest up subconsciously. Plus, I once wrote a fic where Fitz needed to get out of bed so he pulled the blanket off her so that she would instinctively react and pull it back, and the image is so adorable it will probably never leave me.

  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going

Jemma, I feel like those little gestures of positivity are very her, especially as they get busier and have to spend a lot of time apart.

  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

Fitz. Being an inventor and craftsman, not to mention one with a super romantic heart, has its perks :)

  • who gets up first in the morning

Jemma, definitely

  • who suggests new things in bed

also Jemma, who has always been a keen experimenter ;)

  • who cries at movies

probably Fitz, my sensitive son

  • who gives unprompted massages

Fitz. They both give each other a lot of love through physical contact but Jemma is a stressed & anxious little bun and sometimes she just needs that extra comfort of a massage.

  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick

They’re both terrible it’s hilarious, although Jemma takes more of an instructional perspective, like making sure Fitz stays in his room and and takes his temperature, whereas Fitz does it in a much more hands-on (some *cough* Jemma *cough* would say helicopter-y) way where he basically dotes on her, which sometimes is sweet but sometimes really annoys her bc she hates being sick with a burning passion

  • who gets jealous easiest

When they’re as close as they are I think jealousy’s not really a thing, but in terms of insecurity I guess I’d say Fitz is more prone to it.

  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music

probably Jemma, but I think she knows and embraces it

  • who collects something unusual

Jemma most defs has a collection of things that are probably growing… I also like to think that maybe she starts collecting cool alien/inhuman stuff as she overcomes her fear.

  • who takes the longest to get ready

Jemma, who always looks amazing and is also a perfectionist

  • who is the most tidy and organised

Jemma “don’t move my post it note” Simmons, all the way

  • who gets most excited about the holidays

Jemma gets more into the ritual of things like the decoration and all that; Fitz is mostly in it for food and family.

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon

Fitz is usually the big spoon

  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

They can both be pretty darn competitive, but Jemma’s competitive streak is an absolute wonder to behold.

  • who starts the most arguments

They argue fairly often, mostly for fun, but in terms of serious arguments it’s probably Fitz, who prefers to make his feelings known while Jemma will tend to turn problems inward or deal with them herself.

  • who suggests that they buy a pet

Hmm, probably Jemma, I think it’s all part of her Life Plan

  • what couple traditions they have

messages during the day, date nights/movie nights, goodbye/have a good day kisses, reunion hugs

  • what tv shows they watch together

Doctor Who is a big one ofc, plus some other cult classics

  • what other couple they hang out with

Daisy & her partner (Lincoln? we can dream), Huntingbird, Mackelena

  • how they spend time together as a couple

lots of studying, working or reading, as well as quiet/relaxing time when they get the chance

  • who made the first move

I think it was…technically…Fitz?

  • who brings flowers home

Both! Fitz because he is a big sappy romantic and Jemma because she is really enjoying this whole domesticity thing as long as she does it her way

  • who is the best cook

Fitz. Jemma is quite good at nutrition but Fitz is better at enjoyable food to savour and love.

kingquinnthecavalry  asked:

Who is Fitz's mystery woman? Jed said it's not Jemma. So is it Julia Price, AIDA, or an LMD-Jemma?

Hi @kingquinnthecavalry

We still don’t know nor have we gotten many hints as to who it is. 

HERE is a meta I did based on the TV Line Quote in regards to the woman in the car.  

This is hard one to narrow down since they aren’t letting much of anything out right now.  So the list is about what I had right after 15 aired.  I though once we saw the guest stars I could narrow it down, but I really can’t.  Since I am sure that they are going to keep people off the list in order to surprise us.   Here is my list for now.

  • Step Mom AIDA 
    • For now Agnes seems out of the mix since Mallory is only listed as a AIDA on the list.
    • We don’t know where/if AIDA has placed herself in the Framework.
  • Rando/flavor of the month lady on his arm (could also be a just for show kind of thing, ie he has no interest in her but wants/needs to keep up appearances).
    • If he’s in a position where he’s high up in Hydra or being forced to keep up appearances for another reason it could be an Arranged Marriage kind of thing…one he does not want.  
  • Rando who is his assistant, a lot like Anon
  • Not Jemma Simmons but Jemma’s Avatar.  IE he’s built a robo version of her like Radcliffe did with Agnes.
  • Not Jemma Simmons but Jemma’s Avatar.  IE she’s undercover or a double agent meant to get close to him.
  • If for some crazy pants reason we see AIDA as his girlfriend its going to be like a dragon guarding her treasure, keeping her eye on him.  
  • A client he’s smoozing.  We have no idea what he is up too here.   If he’s selling his tech to the highest bidder he could totally be entertaining a client.
  • Since everyone’s on the table and I’ve honestly had crazier theories, Bobbi.

Julie Price could be any of those unknowns from a Girlfriend to Assistant to Client.  She coudl also have nothing to do with Fitz at all and be tied to one of the other hostages.   IE fellow teacher at Coulson’s school, Mack’s girlfriend, Hydra agent or target, or tied to Mace.   

Unless its Jemma in some shape or form or Dragon guarding her prize AIDA, I don’t think whoever it is will be in the mix for long.

Trying to write the next chapter on my Berena fic but getting distracted by Bernie Wolfe, Kate Stewart and just general Jemma posts! 

Ugh, I get distracted so easily but then it is Jemma, so legitimate reasons!