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Lady Midnight Challenge «art»
-day 8- favourite emma + julian moment
When Emma healed Julian in the car with the “powerful parabatai iratze”… *open the pic for a better quality*

Jemma being cute and lovely ft. paint at the beach \0/

Q&A Jemma and curses

nicolejaylen said:Hi Cassie! I was wondering about the Parabatai curse. Julian and Emma have clearly been in love with each other for years, regardless of those feelings being acknowledged out loud. So why is the curse such a concern now? What is the timeline for the Parabatai destruction? As always, thank you for creating such an amazing world!

The curse is a concern now because they’ve discovered it, and its power is growing. There isn’t a set timeline for destruction, at least not that anyone knows. Had they not discovered it, they wouldn’t be concerned, but they would still be in danger.

We don’t know exactly how long the curse has been affecting Emma and Julian. It was only during Lady Midnight that we started seeing symptoms of the curse, because we didn’t see them before the events of the book. We know nothing huge/noticeable really happened before LM, which suggests that if the curse was affecting them before, it was doing it so slowly and gradually as to go unnoticed.

The fact that Emma and Julian have acknowledged their feelings and spent a bunch of time thinking and talking about those feelings does seem to be intensifying the symptoms of the curse — and we get a sense of the fact that this matters when they actually use that power to do magic, because it’s activated by them thinking about each other/their feelings. By that logic, it seems likely that a parabatai pair who were in love but were not consciously aware of their feelings for each other would see a slower progression of the curse.

If what you want to know is why would that be, well — how do people fall in love? When do they realize they’re in love? Are they in love before they know it, and it it a different kind of feeling? If you don’t know the other person loves you, is it reciprocal love or not? Does knowing you’re loved back matter to whether love is “requited” as Jem described? Were Jules and Emma already “in requited love” before they admitted it to themselves, or is the moment they became aware of their feelings the moment that happened? At this point we’ve entered a “when a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” area of philosophy. :) Love is numinous, and these are questions about human life that books can’t answer: they can only raise them and play around with them in the hopes of making readers think about them in a new way.

New edit: ‘Lady Midnight’ Book cover, inspired by new covers of the Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series. :)

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