So guys, I finally finished it! I took an eternity i know, but this is the longest video i ever made and i really wanted it to turn out good. Some of this reasons, i read them here on Tumblr. I hope you enjoy it! :D

So we’ve all kind of settled on the idea that the Kree stone could be sentient, right? By definition that means it would be capable of consciousness, able to perceive and even understand its surroundings. So what if Jemma wasn’t just in the wrong place at the wrong time? What if the Kree stone chose her, deliberately, strategically. 

Jemma Simmons is absorbed by the stone and she becomes a part of it. Its existence and her own are now intertwined with no clear division of where she stops and the stone begins, and the stone thrives on that. It seeps into her mind and begins to know her. It knows the songs her mother sang to her when she was a baby, the loneliness she felt as a child prodigy, the pride she felt upon earning her second PhD. It knows how she felt when she met Leopold Fitz, how determined she was to be better, to be smarter. It knows the exact moment that changed. And when it’s all said and done, the stone knows Jemma Simmons just as well as she knows herself. 

That is how it traps her. It crafts the perfect prison inside her own mind and creates a place that she has no desire to leave. There she is safe and happy and loved, and completely unaware that the stone is feeding off all the energy she has to make itself stronger. 

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ruthedotcom asked:

‘we’re both teachers and all our students ship us’ + fs or huntingbird or both :)

“I think it’s cute,” Bobbi said, pouring herself another glass of wine. “The last time Hunter stopped by class, one of the first graders drew a picture of him as Darth Vadar.”

Jemma simply stared at the drawing. “But should I address this? It is the fifth drawing. This week. Really, I don’t know where the kids are getting these ideas. Fitz and I are just friends. And yes, he teaches the other kindergarten class. And sometimes we work together. And, you know, it really was smarter for us to carpool. And then, of course, I have to feed him from time to time or he’ll probably only eat complete and utter junk. Really, who else am I supposed to talk to on breaks or during recess duty? And, sure, his eyes are beautiful and he has a nice and symmetrical face. But. We are just friends. Coworkers.”

Bobbi nodded. “Yeah, I have no idea where the kids come up with these crazy ideas…” 

oh, what a night

The one-night stands AU is finally finished!!!!! *throws confetti in celebration* Major kudos to fanbingbings for sending me the prompt during the great prompt call of April 2015!

the morning after
Light. Bright, bright morning light. Laser-like, skull-piercing morning light from hell. Jemma rolled over and buried her face in the pillows with a moan, and froze. Something was wrong. First of all, she was warm. Jemma was never warm, especially not in her ground-floor flat, and usually had to bury herself under a pile of quilts just to stop shivering. Second of all, these were definitely not her high-thread-count, tastefully blue sheets, and color-coordinated pillows. These felt like…flannel? Really cozy flannel, though, incredibly soft and warm and a nice shade of tartan. Maybe she could just snuggle back down into the sheets and fall back asleep for a few minutes—that was when Jemma realized the third thing that was wrong. There was someone asleep next to her.

Jemma rolled over, very, very carefully, and peered over at the man whose bed she was in. He had messy curly hair and a nicely muscled back (despite the scratches that—oh god—she was probably responsible for) and one of his hands was thrown out across the bed like it was reaching for hers. She’d grabbed that hand last night, she remembered suddenly, tugging him along behind her and out the door, spinning around suddenly to press him up against a wall, stretch up on her toes, and kiss him. He’d wrapped her up in his coat and buried one hand in her hair, the other hand slipping under the hem of her shirt to trace patterns against her bare skin and warm her from the inside out. They were really nice hands, with almost obscenely long fingers, and she was fairly sure that he’d been very nice about using them. He’d been nice about everything really and such a nice guy wouldn’t mind her discreetly creeping out to avoid any kind of awkward morning after conversations, if she could just wriggle out from under the covers and—that was when he woke up.

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As Our Lives Change (Come Whatever) | Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons | G | 6,400 words

As graduation approaches, Jemma Simmons is determined to beat Leo Fitz for the valedictorian spot. But commencement is a beginning and it’s one that Jemma never expects.

Thank you to ruthedotcom and fitzsimmmonsy for betaing.


A cheer rose up through the classroom as the final bell of the semester rang, echoing amongst the cries of the free. At her desk, Ms. May didn’t bother to look up from her laptop as her students sprang from their desks, talking excitedly. “Your final is on Tuesday,” she said without a hint of enthusiasm. “Remember, it is cumulative and there will be an essay.”

As Jemma stood up and slipped her bag over her shoulder, she glanced over at Fitz, who was shoving his tablet into his backpack. “So, I guess this is it then,” she said, a bit of nostalgia in her tone.

He glanced up sharply, surprise clear in his blue eyes. “Oh? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I guess it is. I mean, after the final and everything.”

“Finals will be the deciding factor, I suppose.” Jemma twisted a lock of her brown hair around her finger, wondering if she should take this last chance to psych him out. Realizing that would be unsportsmanlike of her, she just smiled at him. “It’s been a nice four years, Fitz.”

“Yeah.” He dragged his tongue over his lips slowly. “Has been. Uh, good luck studying.”

Nodding assuredly, she said, “You too. I’ll see you next week.” She headed to the door briskly, calling goodbye to Ms. May on her way.

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AOS: The Seduction Anomaly

An anon asked for a huntingbird fic with either jealous!hunter or jealous!bobbi. I decided to do one better and have the best of both worlds. Hunter and Bobbi are on an undercover at a Miami party to retrieve a USB with compromising Hydra files from a female target. (AO3) (More)

“Look, there she is.” Bobbi says, pointing at the mysterious woman from the bar. The two of them are sitting, waiting to make a move. Bobbi raises her phone, as if she were taking a selfie, actually using the camera to scan their target’s clutch with the USB drive. “There,” Bobbi adds, looking at her ex-husband. 

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