For agent-85, who requested an AU where they get to go on their date. I kind of took the idea of AU and ran with it…

At the moment, there are approximately sixteen different alternate universes where Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons are going on their first date.  In about eight of those universes, they are going out to dinner (four Italian, two Thai, one fish and chips shop, and one ill-fated experiment with Ethiopian). Of those eight dates, one will be an utter disaster, to be rectified by another date two weeks later when he shows up on her doorstep with a bunch of roses in one hand and an apology in the other.  Of the seven that do succeed, three of them end in him kissing her on her doorstep: one long, perfect, lingering kiss that promises a thousand kisses yet to come.  Two of them end in her inviting him upstairs to cuddle and kiss some more on her couch. (In one of those universes, they fall asleep on her couch halfway through an episode of Doctor Who and her roommate Skye teases them mercilessly about them the next morning.) One universe ends in her inviting him upstairs for quite a bit more and he doesn’t leave her apartment until three the next afternoon.  And in one universe, they don’t kiss at all, just sit there talking on her doorstep in the warm summer night, until the end of the night when she grabs him by his carefully selected tie and pulls him to her and he acquiesces with a surprised but delighted squeak.

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Okay, but maybe..

So what if, and I am just hoping here, what if Jemma isn’t actually in the first few episodes of season 3? What if Liz is on set and everything but because Fitz is going to therapy/talking to Andrew because of everything that has happened (bottom of the ocean, losing Jemma, having loads of feelings in general) AND THEY ARE DOING FLASHBACKS FINALLY!? 

I mean, I know there is nothing to suggest this, but I just really really want FitzSimmons flashbacks and backstory, and since Simmons is in a Rock I feel like now is a good time to get them. Plus, they’ve only filmed maybe one episode are they really gonna find a way to get her out in 45 minutes? (Thats totally possible but I want Fitzsimmons backstory, so I am saying its unlikely).


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Fitzsimmons. 9.

#9 “You know, it’s okay to cry.”

I didn’t quite manage as much of a light-hearted tone as I was hoping for, but anyway, it’s done.Thanks for the prompt! :) [prompt me]

Jemma’s lip quivers as they stare down at the lifeless, furry little body on the floor of the lab rat cage.

“You know, it’s okay to cry,” Fitz says, in what he hopes is a gentle and not at all condescending tone.

A loud sob breaks free and Fitz wraps his arms around her as the tears roll.

He could not be more thoroughly baffled at how she happily puts the rats to their deaths for the sake of an experiment, and yet cries rivers for the stinky bloody things when they die of natural causes. 

“That’s Fabio!” she sobs. “He was my favourite!”

Fitz reminds himself that he’s a grown man and that feeling jealous of a dead rat would be beyond ridiculous.

He strokes her hair until she calms a bit. “Shall I go and get a shoebox?”

She sniffs and nods, so he presses a kiss to her forehead and goes off in search of a coffin. As he walks down the hall he pulls his phone out and texts Skye.

Meet you out the back in 10. I need a popsicle stick cross that says ‘Fabio’ and it’s your turn to dig.

Fitzsimmons accidentally create a child

Imagine Fitzsimmons accidentally creating a child in the lab.

Just imagine them attempting to find more economically beneficial means of producing clones or organic life,ways in which everyone would agree to as it wouldn’t be harmful and would lead to a giant step forward for science. Imagine their reaction when they go back to the lab and discover that their DNA transferred across to the database,and there on top of the machine Fitz spent weeks creating, a machine which would create these clones was a clone, generated by their DNA. Behold a toddler clone, or perhaps a growing foetus which would need to be placed in a tube to grow fully. A small toddler with curly locks,a soft face,hazel yet dreamy/moony eyes,Jemma’s nose and Fitz’s lips.

Of course they are shocked but immediately inform director Coulson and the other consulting heads who he makes decisions by. Dr weaver believes it is a scientific breakthrough,Coulson thinks it terrible. And then we have the teams reactions which are mixed, hunter constantly giving Fitz bad parenting advice such as “Run for it,mate”, where as Skye is all too pleased about this creation, and constantly ponders to A.R.C.H.I.E (fitzsimmons ‘child’) and actually teases the two about how they make such great parents and should get married to make the whole thing official.

Weeks pass, and Coulson warms to the child more than expected, he acts like a doting grand father, playing with A.R.C.H.I.E and showing him around the new plane which his 'daddy’ designed.

A.R.C.H.I.E’s company brings the team closer together, and it’s not just the team that become closer. Fitz and Simmons spend so much time together it’s just like old times except this time there is a child, their child, pulling them together again, it’s not long before they go by their old nick name again fitzsimmons.

After nine whole weeks, the leading science division at the hub decide that it would be best for A.R.C.H.I.E to stay in their custody, to allow them to take care of the child, in order to prevent emotional conflict between the two highly respected scientists in case something goes wrong, and something was to happen to A.R.C.H.I.E. The entire team disagree and fitzsimmons beg that their child, who they treat with the same love and adoration any other parent would have for their child, stays with them. But after all their attempts to keep their son, director Coulson is forced to separate the child from his parents. And sends him to the Hub.

There is a lot of tension at the base and mack isn’t afraid to unleash some of that tension. He,as usual,shouts at Coulson, telling him it wasn’t his decision and that Fitz and Jemma should have been allowed to keep their son. Coulson agrees but informs Mack that it wasn’t his call to make and Mack agrees, once again stating that it was fitzsimmons choice to make.

Fitzsimmons,however,are constantly looking for ways to prove that their invention is perfectly stable and that nothing could go wrong with or happen to A.R.C.H.I.E. They search for evidence for so long that they realise that it has been six months since their child was created in their lab, by their creation. They talk, deeply, about everything including what Fitz said at the bottom of the ocean. They finally decide that they still feel the same way, and could never stop loving each other,they agree that A.R.C.H.I.E was the best thing that ever happened to them,and that they’ll never stop trying to win A.R.C.H.I.E back.

Three months later,tension has cooled at the base,and everyone seems to be carrying on their lives,when Coulson storms through the doors, A.R.C.H.I.E in tow. “We won’t let them win without a fight” he says,explaining that he and Skye had been searching all this time to see where A.R.C.H.I.E was taken,and when they finally found a lead May,singlehandedly fought her way through the security guards and nannies and scientists to retrieve the small toddler.

In the end fitzsimmons become a family and all is well…just some happy fluff..with some angst.