jemma sands


”Fitz would never have found her, but she saw the flare.”

The Amazing Leo Fitz Appreciation [7/?]

By then, everyone knew that Fitz was reckless and would do anything. But what hit me in this scene, was the act that Fitz wasn’t acting on impulse. He didn’t just jump into a well of unknown. He had a quite logical, if risky, plan.
I think it started when he saw he shoot a flare. By accident- we can see his surprised face. Then he thought “Simmons will see it. She will see and came to the source.” And so Fitz realised that Simmons will be close to the portal and that it might be a chance- the “gate” is open, Simmons will be close, she was there (for what he knows) for 6 months already, why wait? 

He knew the rest won’t agree so he made the switch without telling them. Still, he remembered to tie himself with this metal cable, to have a secured way back. 

That was quite a reasonable plan given his emotional state and desperation. Plus, he figured it all out it in a few minutes and was not afraid of jumping into unknown danger (I mean, he didn’t even know if there was an oxygen there!).

She Already Chose

Fitz in the pod: “Take the oxygen and leave me here to drown.”

Jemma: *Completely loses it, cries all over him, refuses to leave him, drags him up 90 feet at the risk of her own life.*

Will on the planet: “Run to the portal and leave me here to fight the sand monster.”

Jemma: *Resists for a moment, runs off without him, waits a few seconds for him to catch up, leaves him behind.*