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The Necklace Case

After all the speculation that has been going on since the episode, some of which i hope is real (i don’t want to think about what they have in store of us if it’s not), i went back to rewatch the episode to closely pay attention to the necklace to see if there is actual evidence of it being a visual clue a-la-inception for what is real and what is not in jemma’s tale ( for those who don’t know the theory, say the necklace was never found but was lost in the sand as would be more logic, when she doesn’t have it it’s reality, when she has it something is not real)

I’ll be showing you in a moment, but my prehentive conclusion is (sadly) that while it still remains a bit fishy, its disappearing/reappiring during the ep is not as pronounced as i read people say to warrant an actual reality/no reality theory

Let’s recount its story during the episode:

1. Jemma has it on her arrival on the planet

2. She leaves it on a rock for Fitz or the others to find, while she goes to look for water and food.

3. She doesn’t have it again until she’s with Will in the cave. In this frame ^ in which she’s noticing how Will ‘came prepared’ she doesn’t have itthen we switch to Will, who asks her if she came alone and then

4. BAM. The necklace appears as she’s telling him that she’s in fact alone.


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