FROM THE VAULT: Aziza Barnes - “Hypnophobia” 

“I am not afraid of the night. I am afraid of its obligation - to close your eyes and unleash that tight fist of knowing. I could not have been born this way.”

Aziza Barnes, performing at her new book release show at Honey in Minneapolis. Check out Aziza’s book on the Button website and subscribe to Button on YouTube!

“I think a lot of women see themselves like Mr. Potato Heads,” says Jemima Kirke. “Like, if they could take this part away, if they could eliminate this part, they would look better. They don’t see themselves as a package. They see themselves as pieces.”

Once, you fought in a war, and now the scream of bullets sounds too much like someone calling your name.  The battlefield is calling you home, but your heart isn’t in it anymore. You lost it long ago, buried it with your brother. Your childhood went too, and you’ve never unearthed it. You never liked dirt under your nails, you already feel unclean.

When the dead started walking the earth, you kept catching glimpses of yourself in covered mirrors. Your watch stopped on your own wrist. You counted the seconds yourself, never knowing whether you were counting backwards to the day you lost him or not. When you were loading your gun, you prayed your bullets would not find him. You hope he wandered as much as he did in life. You hope he finds a place he can rest. All you can do is hope, but that’s a rarity nowadays.

You killed your first man before you had your first kissed.
You buried your first body before you had your first boyfriend.
You keep hoping for better days, but the rain keeps on coming.
You are losing yourself in no man’s land, even after the war is over.

The dead are still walking the earth.
You are walking with them.

—  Jem Walker (A.V.P)
Part 1/?? of the dangerous teenage girl series.

tv show meme: Gilded Era

jemima-of-autumn​ asked: A show about the Golden Age

Set in a time of ruled by the Constellation Lords trouble is brewing among the stars, writhing forth in the form of Shadow Pirates and Fear that ravages the galaxies. Witness the battles and grand exploits of General Kozmotis Pitchiner and his valiant comrades. Witness the secrecy and intrigue in the Court of Constellations. Witness the Golden Age.

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