«Remember that day… I ran into you and Sammy in the park? Suddenly, I felt like everything was gonna be okay. You’ve always made me feel s a f e, Jack. I know things got complicated since then with Aiden and Amanda. But I never stopped feeling that way when I was around you. I guess I’m just scared. This whole mess isn’t over yet, and I don’t know how it’s gonna e n d

«Neither do I. But I know that I won’t let it end without   t h i s .»

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top jemily moments?

TOP 40 JEMILY MOMENTS (Chronological Order)

02x15 When JJ almost shoots Emily on accident but then smiles nonchalantly like “NBD! SORRY!”

02x21 This little wink JJ gives Emily when talking to Brad the FBI Agent

02x23 When JJ is bounding after Emily and Em has this dopey grin on her face. 

03x02 When Em asks, “How quickly can you catch me up?” and JJ replies “How quickly can you sit down on my face?”

Then JJ gets worried when Em gets hurt. 

03x04 When JJ says she can see Em and her kids. 

03x09 When Em looks at her like THIS ^^

And then holds her hand. 

03x17 When Emily gets jealous

And so she plays dirty and pretends like she doesn’t know

But she gets burned. BUT she looks at JJ with so much love!

03x18 She’s back to being jealous

03x20 She finds out JJ is pregnant and is TOO excited

04x07 When Emily says “I swear to god JJ…” and JJ looks guilty

Then JJ goes into labor and Emily is so happy…

…maybe TOO happy there Em. Tone it back!

04x11 When Emily is so protective you forget who the mom is

04x14 Where JJ is like “Hai look at my ring!” And Emily is NOT amused

05x10 When Emily is checking on JJ during Haley’s funeral

05x21 When Emily is trying to avoid the discussion of her love life. For obvs reasons

Because she’s not fooling anyone in this outfit. REALLY!?

06x02 When she tells JJ she’s “Too good”

And this is one of JJ’s first flashbacks before she leaves

09x14 (Chronologically) When JJ drops EVERYTHING on her TOP SECRET mission at just the drop of Emily’s name

When they look at each other with devilish grins on the way to Paris

And name the OTP “Blackbird” forever giving us feels about that song

06x18 When they say goodbye in Paris after spending the week in the throes of passion planning Emily’s fake death

07x01 When they resume dopey faces at each other

And touching

And shoulder squeezes

And the look JJ gives her when Emily decides to come back to the BAU

07x02 More stupid faces and walking so close they are pretty much holding hands

07x04 I did a lot of online sexting played a lot of online Scrabble with some girl named Cheetobreath

07x16 When they finally slept together and are exhausted the next day. But THANKS SPENCE FOR BABYSITTING!

07x20 When JJ hushes an unsub because she’d rather talk to Emily

07x24 When JJ only has eyes for Emily right here

AND here

And then Garcia congratulates them on their wedding. 

09x14 When JJ hallucinates Emily when she’s basically dying


And then they both laugh about how people still think Jemily isn’t canon!