Courtesy of @deanbostockphotography from Sunday’s shoot for #jemcorsets
Someone has been playing & I love the results!
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Two of my latest commissions.

Top purple/pink shot silk dupion men’s hourglass underbust with a high back. 32 inch waist. This has 20 panels and is continuously boned with two layers of coutil and a 1 inch waist tape for waist training.

Bottom is a ladies dusky pink floral print cotton underbust. 22 inch waist. This has 12 panels with boning on each seam and one layer of coutil for occasional tightlacing wear.

Both so different!!


A few sneaky peaks from the photoshoot I did yesterday for two of my men’s corset samples.

I have been waiting ages to do this and I think we will have some awesome images!

Featuring a harris tweed underbust and a grey suiting type fabric corseted waistcoat with watch pocket and breast pocket.

Also in third picture ladies black faux leather cincher.

Top and bottom images from Dean Bostock Photography and middle image from Val Rose at Feather Photography.

Models - hubby and the lovely burlesque performer The Lady Intrepid!


Had a fitting today for this velvet corset and posture collar.

I love the shape! I’m going to add a ribbon tie to the top of the busk to pull the chest together a bit more and stop the gape there and I still need to make the modesty panel.

I think I will add a little more support to the side bust aswell as I’m not totally happy with the shape there.

But I think it has been well worth experimenting with this overbust pattern!

Measurements in the corset are - Chest - 39.5’’, Waist - 27.5’’, Hips - 39’’.

Meausrements out of the corset are - Chest - 38’’, Waist - 31’’, Hips - 38’’.

Lovely hourglass!


And more of Hubby in his corset after I made some alterations to the boning channels at the back and added some more eyelets at the waist :)

Now worn with trousers and no belt underneath!

Measurements in the corset are - Chest - 36’’, Waist - 31’’, Hips - 38’’.

Out of the corset measurements are - Chest - 38’’, Waist -34.5’’, Hips - 38.5’’.