Two of my latest commissions.

Top purple/pink shot silk dupion men’s hourglass underbust with a high back. 32 inch waist. This has 20 panels and is continuously boned with two layers of coutil and a 1 inch waist tape for waist training.

Bottom is a ladies dusky pink floral print cotton underbust. 22 inch waist. This has 12 panels with boning on each seam and one layer of coutil for occasional tightlacing wear.

Both so different!!


I absolutely loved this look we put together for a recent 30’s inspired photoshoot :)

The corset is available in my Etsy store too -

Corset -

Photographer -

Model -



A few sneaky peaks from the photoshoot I did yesterday for two of my men’s corset samples.

I have been waiting ages to do this and I think we will have some awesome images!

Featuring a harris tweed underbust and a grey suiting type fabric corseted waistcoat with watch pocket and breast pocket.

Also in third picture ladies black faux leather cincher.

Top and bottom images from Dean Bostock Photography and middle image from Val Rose at Feather Photography.

Models - hubby and the lovely burlesque performer The Lady Intrepid!


My next project using hubby as a model!

A corseted waistcoat - this is the 2nd toile, the first was too tight across the chest.

I’m going to make a 3rd changing the shaping along the bottom edge and adding some experimental pockets - sort of like my rubbish drawings on the toile!

Needs a longer busk too.

I also love it closed at the back, the lacing all the way up looks amazing I think :)

Just need to find another bargain lot of wool tweed to make the final version in.


A little experimental underbust corset I made for myself :)

Popped it on last night and laced straight down to 32 inches - it is a 30 inch pattern.

I don’t waist train anymore due to back problems, but I might just season this and wear it occasionally as it felt fantastic and was really comfortable :)

I’m going to make another one with a front busk opening I think!

I love the shape of this and I’m going to work with this pattern a bit more now to see how far I can take it.


A few more little snags to iron out, but I think I’m about there with this corset waistcoat :)

It even has real working pockets!

Hubby doesn’t waist train, but this laced almost closed after about 15 mins of wear and got his waist down from 34 inches to 29 inches.

I’m going to take a little room out of the back shoulder and front hips and try and get rid of the wrinkles, so mock-up number 5 here I come!