Jem Magbanua is a final year BA Fine Arts student (LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore) from the Philippines. Although her main work consist of Illustrations, she also delves into sculpture, installation and video documentary works. She therefore considers herself as an artist. “There are a plethora of possibilities as an artist." 

Notions of nostalgia and forgetfulness greatly inform her work. She’s currently exploring how a place relates to a person’s formation of memories. "I very rarely plan my pictures so I mostly rely on quiet impulses and in-the-moment flashes of ideas.” A lot of inspiration is derived from Literature and Fine Arts. Her favourite artists include: Mamma AnderssonLuc Tuymans, and Andrew Wyeth. She’s drawn to the writings of Margaret AtwoodAnaïs Nin, and Rae Armantrout. “History, 19th century botanical illustrations, and the monotonous rhythms of the everyday constantly inform my work.”

Recently collaborated with her fellow artists in order to publish a zine on how to grow your indoor condo garden. “I think it’s incredibly important to know where your food comes from, especially in an age of fast food and microwave pizza. The truth is appalling.” After graduation, she’s planning on independently publishing a series of zines about the food industry and growing your own food in the city. 

Here’s her work: / Tumblr and Instagram: @jemjuniper


Launching - Home Zine Issue 2

Home can be many things - a space, person, memory or feeling. 

Home Zine Issue 2 is about the objects and physical belongings which make one feel at home. Possessions that give a feeling of being at rest and bring us back to safety.

Featuring: Carla McRae, Tallulah Fontaine, Grace Pelham-Dann, GG, Ashley Ronning, Kendra Yee, Emma Wiesenekker, Megan James, Jem Magbanua and Zoe Vyner Kasif!

-20 page zine, saddle stitch, and risograph printed.

Australian copies (blue cover) printed by Caldera Press in Melbourne.
US copies (blue and magenta cover) printed by Tiny Splendor in Los Angeles.

*Note: North and South American orders will receive copies printed by Tiny Splendor. Australia, Asia and Europe will be sent copies printed by Caldera Press.

Available - here.