jem's vacation

Oh my god, guys, I’ve been so overwhelmed and exhausted this week.  Did I miss anything important?  I don’t want to miss anything important, but I feel like my Tumblr’s gotten away from me the last few days, so if I seem to have ignored you, let me know.  Between building, taking on additional administrative work for the build at home, working on art and writing, trying to hold things together with the kids and household stuff, and still somehow also trying to be a decent human being in general, I’m just so fucking overwhelmed that I feel like my molecules might dissipate altogether.  Just wrap me up in a giant ace bandage before I fall apart, please.

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Nephilim Week [TID] Day 1: Favourite Character

“My parabatai, he loved like few ever could love, with all and everything. I see you are like that too; it burns more brightly in you than the fire of Heaven” - Brother Zachariah, City of Heavenly Fire.