Jason & Kelsi and Jason & Martha- I decided to take a brief look into something that likely no one but me cares about: The dissolving of the relationship between Jason and Kelsi, and the ultimately discarded relationship between Jason and Martha.

I hope that someone out there enjoys this, or at least finds the topic of the video interesting enough to give it a watch. 

Oh, and please watch this in 720p. I apologize in advance for any pixelated or grainy-looking clips. 


High School Musical Pairing Requests- Jelsi (Jason/Kelsi)

For mymothersdysfunction.

I apologize for the less than stellar quality of some of the images. Jason and Kelsi interact quite a bit, at least in the first two movies, but, for some reason, most of these interactions are either the two of them being paired up for dance sequences, or they wind up getting completely overlooked in screen capture galleries.