jelsa manip


Elsa: NO, please forgive me.

Jack: You’ve changed.

Jack: I’m sorry… I can’t do this anymore.

Elsa: *whisper* Please forgive me.

Maybe we are not meant to be together, but I will never give up on you.
Love is not always enough to hold two hearts together, but it’s a foundation to build on and I would rather die than letting you go.
I will always love you Jack…

“Do I get to say thank you this time?”
And she kisses him. That is, she kisses him, rain streaming down both their faces and over their parted lips. She pulls back. Touches his lips with her fingertips.
“That’s so you’ll remember where your mouth is…”

Manip suggestion by xxscarletxrosexx who suggest the popular Spiderman kissing MJ scene ;)

Manip suggestion still OPEN, be it either Jelsa/Big Four/Big Five/Super Six/etc, if you have any ideas for the manip, just suggest me! *u*)/


The Big Four >> Elsa’s Coronation

As he passed over Arendelle, Jack picked up a cold, strange sensation, and knew it had nothing to do with his powers. He gathered the Big Four to share his discovery. Rapunzel and Merida perk up at the mention of Arendelle, because they were both invited to the coronation of the soon-to-be Queen Elsa. While the girls would waltz right into the castle, the guys would have to sneak in. “Won’t be a problem for me, of course,” Jack tries to joke, but the rest of the Big Four knew better than to bring up the fact that he was still invisible to many.

Finally at the Coronation, Hiccup tries to keep Toothless in the shadows and at bay. Jack walks around, searching for any sign of trouble. Merida struggles with the dress Queen Elinor had her wear, but tries to talk to as many people as possible (including Princess Anna herself); and Rapunzel, forgetting a little about the task at hand, dances the night away.

Jack grew impatient, wondering where that cold feeling had gone. It was odd that he ever felt it at all, as the cold never bothered him anyway. Suddenly from across the room, someone yells, “I said enough!” and that cold feeling wells up in his chest as Queen Elsa’s ice powers are revealed. Jack was left speechless, not because her powers were similar to his, but because out of all the people she could’ve looked at, out of everyone in the room, her eyes had landed on him.

“I’m telling you, she looked right at me!” Jack insisted, throwing his hands up in exasperation. “She saw me. She knew I was there. She … she believed in me.”


COLD BODY | WARM HEART - Jelsa Warm Bodies AU

“He was dead inside until he met her.”

Ah… This AU really match with Jelsa in many ways. I have so much fun making them!. Big thanks for kuro-d for this awesome idea!! ◝(‘◡’ )◜

Edit: my Jelsa maniping mouth is nearly over… ( ; - ;)

Edit2: I also want to give a credit to kureablue, she actually had this amazing AU 4 mouths ago! you can see in this link .


Jelsa Week Day 3: In Another Life

Ghost AU

When Jack died falling into the frozen lake, he never left. He was forced to wander the earth as a spirit never put to rest.

But when he first saw her, he loved her right away. He wanted to do anything he could to make the broken queen smile. He always wanted to be near her, to never leave her side.

Even if he knew she could never see him.


Jelsa Week Day 4: Demons

I took it literally ooooh yesh time for wings

I should have spent more time on this argh Elsa’s wings are annoying me

I wanted them to stick out but now they just look awkward

Angel/Demon AU

He was the angel of winter; bringing the fun and joy of the season to the people on earth.

She was the demon. She delivered the destruction that winter brought each year. She experienced so much death and sorrow, she slowly began to break down inside.

Yet he managed to bring light back into her immortal life- but they both knew their forbidden love was doomed from the start. But that didn’t stop them from trying.