jelsa drawing

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Ehehehe >////< I love the jelsa story and little gif it made my heart feel warm and fuzzy and I loved the way you draw thanks for drawing that jelsa gift it was really cute and made me feel good!!

Elsa: I don’t think I can do this–
Jack: Come on Elsa! Once again! I promise I won’t make weird faces!

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I LOVE YOUR JELSA ART SO MUCH! APSNAKDBJE! It's the best! And I was wondering which Jelsa drawing made by you is your favorite?

Awww, thank you so much anon!

That’s a tough question… Believe it or not I actually love all of my Jelsa fanarts haha! But in terms of most personal fav, here they are:

It turned into a Jelsa showcase… I’m sorry, it wasn’t my intention. But these are my personal faves of mine ;/////;

I can’t choose my #1 haha… back then it would be the first one on this list. But as I continue to improve, everything I draw becomes a fav so it’s really hard;;

“You like him, don’t you?”

This was supposed to a) go with a fic and b) be for JackRabbit week. Unfortunately I couldn’t do either, so you just get the art.

The idea was that Jack is a figure skater for the US at the Sochi Olympics (BOYCOTT RUSSIA! *coughs*), Elsa is a figure skater for Norway and Jack’s friend, and Aster is the seriously hot Australian skier he at first hates, then fancies, then gets together with. And Elsa was too smart for her own good.