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Hi! I love your Jelsa fanart! You are my favorite Jelsa artist. And I was wondering if you can do an Attack on Titan Jelsa au? I think it would be cool to see Jack and Elsa wearing Survey Corps uniforms or trainee outfits.

Hello, anon! Thank you very much ^^ I feel so honoured ;////; !!

I’ve been thinking of making an AOT AU! But… their uniforms make me so lazy to draw (blame the straps and 3DMG)… so I haven’t gotten a chance to draw them yet.

But I’ve already started making an AOT AU with my Jelsa nendoroids haha! This is the closest I can do for this AU atm ;)

Long loooong time ago I saw some buttons spreading shipping peace (if you know who made them please link so I can properly credit the inspiration!!). Made this last year because I wanted to do something fun and constructive out of something so immature and dumb as shipping wars. Transparent, so you can put it your blog and spread peace.

How many of you are really able to reblog this?


Seasons may change, winter to spring…
But I love you until the end of time.


This has been bothering me a lot lately. The Frozen fandom is so divided and toxic that people actually feel unsafe because of their ship, even though there are issues with every single pairing. So, I wanted to point those issues out. I left out less common ships (Kristelsa, Baker’s Dozen, Hansoff, etc) because they’re not the problems.


“We are the new Knights.”

Elsa is a sharp contrast to her partner and fellow agent, Jack. Despite being either the most dysfunctional or harmonious duo in Secret Service history, they’re nevertheless known for one thing, and that’s getting the job done.

The colored version of my Kingsman Elsa sketch, which was a response to my friend frozenblume’s Kingsman Jack sketch, which also has a colored version now, too! I only got around to coloring this after noon and I’m so happy with how it turned out as I played with the lights! :D I hope to be able to watch it within the week!