Bubbles Wallpaper

This is the picture that I created for all Iphone 4 or 4s users out there, the size and resolution is design to be fitted as wallpaper. Even though I know that a lot of people are using iphone 5 now, but sorry i’m still stuck with my iphone 4s :p and I don’t know whether this wallpaper can fit to other mobile phone besides Iphone.

I created them with 3 different color for the background, it was because I can’t decide which color i want to go with. hehe

Smily rain wallpaper

It’s been raining these few days and instead of feeling blue because of the rain, I came up with this idea.

Thinking that every rain-drop is an individual that greet you before they reach the ground. Kinda sad because they have such a short life span but eventually they will gather together become one!

Rain is not that bad after all :)