Reddie Conversations VIII

Richie: *singing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”* *tries to point Eddie but fails*

Stan: *freaking out because Richie pointed at him*

Richie: oh fuck *puts his glasses on and points Eddie*


Stan: ThaTs rIghT sTAn1!1!

Harry Styles X Shawn Mendes X Reader: Fighting over you.

Hope you all enjoy! This is i guess neither smut or fluff its basically Harry and Shawn fighting over you x

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You were standing in a hallway of the award ceremony after party, having won an award that night for best female TV actress, you were happy as ever. You had come to the awards with Harry Styles on your arm, you had been in a relationship with him for a month now and you really liked him. However when the two of you first started dating, there was a lot of drama surrounding the two of you, considering you had only just come out of a relationship with Shawn Mendes, who you had been with for 7 months. You knew he was at the party aswell, you had tried all night to keep your head down, try not to let him notice you, but that hadn’t gone too well. Harry had just left you to go and get more drinks when you heard,

“hey you! Long time no see!” You turned slowly, already knowing who it was from his Canadian accent. Shawn stood before you, looking cute as per usual, you gulped your drink down and looked at him. The two of you hadn’t exactly left things on good terms, and you hadn’t seen him since.

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“Hi, Shawn” you said, trying not to sound interested, you really were done with him now, for good. But his charm was undeniable and his smile melted a part of your heart that you thought didn’t exist anymore. Just at that moment a song came on, which made yours and Shawn’s eyes connect, this was the song that the two of you first met to, and you both remembered. He gave you a disappointed smile as he said,

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