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Damon Albarn interview and album track by track guide | The Sunday Times (April 6, 2014)

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Damon Albarn talks to Dan Cains

His True Parklife

It really, really, really has happened. After a host of collaborations, the former Blur front man has made the first solo album of his 24 year career. It was worth the wait - this is his most personally revealing and nostalgic document yet. 

Three weeks away from releasing his first solo album, Everyday Robots, Damon is characteristically already make other plans. As ever with a man whose work includes Britpop fame with Blur, opera, Africa Express and Gorillaz, the 46-year old is feeling twitchy. “The problem I have,” he admits, “is that the minute I’ve done one thing, I want to do something else. I find it hard to respect a lot of successful bands and musicians, because, although there can be subtle, nuanced changes in what they do, there aren’t any really bold new moves, lyrically or sonically or melodically. Yet it seems like the world is completely satisfied with that situation. I mean, that’s find. But the idea of slowly grinding out a huge career, based on ‘This is what you get when you buy this kind of record” - I just find that a bit_“ He pulls a face. Don’t hold your breath for that long-anticipated Blur comeback album, then.

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