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{Asada to Sakura} Due to the unfortunate nightmare that Asada had, he ended up staying up all night without getting at least a second of sleep. The now drowsy Asada trudged through the halls and to Sakura's room, and the worried jellyfishes followed suit. "Sakura-sama..." he said tiredly, knocking on the girl's door. However Asada found himself leaning towards the door, it being his only support so he wouldn't fall on the ground.

Sakura was in her room, admiring nature from her window as she humbly watered her flower before hearing a knock on the door. The princess set down her watering can and came over to answer it with a smile. “Asa–” she paused, catching him in her arms the moment the door opened. “Asada!? What’s wrong?” she asked in slight panic, helping him over to her bed as she gently checked him all over. He looked extremely tired in her eyes and this worried her.