curiosity-1234 asked:

all the questions

v1. first anime you ever watched um not countiing the ones that I saw as a kid on TV, Shugo Chara

2. first anime crush Ikuto tsukiyomi from shugo chara

3. favorite anime character  suuuccchhh aaa hhaaarrddd quueessssttttiiiiiiiiioooonnnn uuuh uh um Kyoko from skip beat probably

4. least favorite anime character  Kaname Kuran from Vampire knight

5. list all anime you have ever watched




Tokyo Mew Mew

The World is still beautifal


soul eater

black butler

death note

princess jellyfish

host club

maid sama

shugo chara

special A

skip beat

Gakune Alice


Kamisama kiss

fruits basket

vampire knight


Card capture sakura

Oban Star racers

avitar the last airbender

legend of kora

sword art

blue exorcist

uhh there may be more

6. popular anime you didn’t like I tryed to watch sword art and i hated it

7. anime you are currently watching kamisama kiss

8. anime character you are most like, um uhhh not sure probably Kyoko from skip beat…

9. favorite anime child, um hmmm momiji from fruits basket

10. favorite anime animal sidekick kilala from inuyasha

11. anime you didn’t expect to like but did Host Club

12. anime that should get more attention from others princess Jellyfish

13. funnest anime you have watched princess Jellyfish

14. saddest anime you have ever watched kobato

15. anime you never get sick of watching host club

16. 10 best animes you have watched

um skip beat,world is still beautifal,black butler,inuyasha,maid sama,princess jelly fish, kobato, um hm soul eater

17. biggest anime crush Tomoe from kamisamakiss and moko from skip beat

18.10 worst anime you have watched

uhh I dont get past ep one if i know it sucks so 

19. favorite anime ships

kagome / inuyahsa

Tomoe/ Nanami

Kobato / fujimoto 

there are more but im lazy

20. least favorite anime ships


Kaname/ Yuki

21. anime that made you cry, when

um first anime to make me cry was kobato you will see why

22. age you started watching anime/person who introduced you to it.

um first time I saw a ghibli film 5

and saw anime growing up

but i got into it around 13

23. unpopular character you love 

um idk lol

24. popular character you hate Blackstar

25. anime you would recommend to someone who hates anime

um hm soul eater 

26. manga you have read all the was through

um a few but the names escape me

27. anime you plan to watch in the future

um i have a loooonnngg list

28. most upsetting moment in anime, why

any anime that needs a second season that didnt get one 

29. anime that deserves another season host club, the world is still beautifal,princess jellyfish

30. one anime conclusion you would change, the fucking ending to vampire knight too much god damn incest, I would have has Yuki choose to be with zero..