jellyfish up

The Adventure Zone but with Percy Jackson style episode titles
  1. Merle Studies His Cantrips
  2. We Have Tea With a Bugbear
  3. Taako Steals Some Shoes
  4. We Meet Magic Brian
  5. Taako Tries to Eat a Robe
  6. We Hide in a Well
  7. We Drink Magic Jellyfish Shit
  8. Magnus Takes up Arms
  9. We Shop At Fantasy Costco
  10. Magnus Gets Naked
  11. We Get Hosed By Tom Bodett
  12. Jenkins Saves a Spell Slot
  13. We Get Crabs
  14. Merle Plays Diarrhea Cop
  15. Magnus Gains a Lot of Weight
  16. Taako Steals Some Silverware
  17. Magnus Eats Unicorn Dick
  18. Merle Seduces a Plant
  19. Magnus Chops a Treant’s Butt Off
  20. We Fight Weeds on Floor Twenty
  21. Merle Finds Some Extreme Teens
  22. Can You Nonlethally Cleave an NPC in Twain?
  23. We Create Our Fursonas
  24. Merle Swims With the Fishes
  25. We Meet Garyl, the Phantom Binicorn
  26. Taako Enlarges a Motorcycle
  27. Hurley Drives Off a Cliff
  28. Johann and the Voidfish Have a Jam Session
  29. Lucretia’s Necklace Ruins Candlenights
  30. We Are Serenaded By a Rock
  31. Taako Eats a Sandwich
  32. We Quiz a Robot
  33. We Meet the Hugbears
  34. God Lies
  35. Merle Gets Wood
  36. Taako Invents Hentai
  37. Merle Unmakes Some Souls
  38. Magnus Eats the Philosopher’s Stone
  39. We Create a Spiral Mantube
  40. Magnus Goes Rogue
  41. We Get a Shopping Montage
  42. We Die
  43. Taako Meets a Fan
  44. We Blow Up a Locker Room
  45. We Have a Talk With a Skeleton
  46. We Rob a Bank
  47. We Receive a Ball, a Sack, and a Tool
  48. We Chat With the Dishware of Christmas Past
  49. We Flee the Worm
  50. Taako Accessorizes
  51. Magnus Packs a Box of Shrunken Boys
  52. We Play Monster Factory
  53. We Find a Severed Head
  54. We Try to Date a Mannequin
  55. Merle Does Some Healing
  56. Magnus is Skinjacked by the Marketing Department
  57. We Discover Some Very Familiar Pants
  58. We Visit Garfield’s Secret Evil Lab
  59. Merle and Taako Trip Balls
  60. Magnus Wrassles the Power Bear
  61. Griffin Breaks Travis’s Universe
  62. We Get a Beach Episode
  63. Merle Plays Chess With the Final Boss
  64. Taako Does Inspirational Plagiarism
  65. Lup Burns Down the DMV
  66. We Create the Seven McGuffins of Doom
  67. We Have a Family Reunion
  68. Taako Gets in a Foodtruck Explosion
  69. We Found the Cult of Jeffandrew
  70. Epilogue: Magnus Gets a Dog

Jellyfish often symbolize acceptance, faith, and favor. They trust in the world to lead them on the proper path. Whatever happens will happen, and all things balance out in the end.

Have faith.

Post-Break Up Kiss: The kiss that catches both of you off guard, but says ‘I miss you’, ‘I’m sorry’, and ‘Please love me again’, without any words being spoken. (Dean x Reader)

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Hachidraws >>> Kurageclear

been debating on doing this for a while now n_n it’s been my twitter URL for a few years and I’ve been meaning to make them match, so now they do!


natgeo Video by  @paulnicklen // I have always wanted to look inside a Lion’s mane jellyfish as it pulses through the Pacific ocean. These jellyfish get up to 3 feet in diameter and can trail tentacles that are over 20 feet long. And I can tell you from personal experience in getting this shot that they live up to their reputation of being powerful stingers. #Followme on @paulnicklen to see more moments in nature shot in slow-motion.


I’m back! And I drew something small to get back into the swing of things. 

Anon asked, “Can you draw a picture of Jotaro’s giant mitt of a hand engulfing Jolyne’s head when he pats her on the head? He does that in one of the Eyes of Heaven teasers and it’s the cutest thing. I’d love to see your take.” I started off doing that, but then I, Strawberry “Literally Incapable of Drawing Not-Sappy Dadtaro” Jan, forgot about the giant hand and made a little comic. It’s neither exactly your request nor a usual-format Morioh Comic, but I hope you like it!

pick your favorite pocket monster

Beach-y Joseph things:

•His hair tousled by the wind constantly, it’s got that coarse salty sea spray consistency after being out on the boat all day
•Lounging around in just a brightly colored, unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt and swim trunks
•Lazy days laying around in a hammock on the beach, margarita sitting beneath him in the sand
•No matter how much sunscreen he applies he’s going to turn a faint shade of red by the end of the week and MC has to come thru with that sweet sweet aloe vera gel
•Getting really excited about finally having reservations for Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville restaurant
•Going into those overpriced seaside gift shops to look for an anchor souvenir to take back home
•Driving along the board walk, windows down, The Beach Boys on full volume
•Feeling nostalgic and renting a surf board like the good ol’ days, but wiping out more than he’d like to admit
•Getting dragged into a game of beach volleyball but he’s really bad at it
•Having a vacation diet that consists of mostly lobster, fruity beverages, and dessert
•Keeping Christian and Christie from tormenting the washed up jellyfish on the beach
•Taking the MC out to a fancy restaurant on the water
•Getting up early to watch the sunrise over the ocean

what your junkrat legendary skin of choice says about you
  • hayseed/scarecrow: you may not be the best junkrat player, but thats ok. you have fun and do emotes with the team in respawn room. you certainly have the best taste
  • jester/fool: you're probably the better junkrat player. this is likely the only legendary junkrat skin you've unlocked because lord knows you wouldn't have willingly picked these ugly ass skins over the others (and if you did, fuck u)
  • junkenstein: ur gay
  • summer games: You haven't gotten a Junkrat skin in ages... Your crops are dried out from this drought... You're desperate, and while this may be the farthest thing from the most appealing skin, you're afraid it'll be years before another event legendary skin comes out, so you'll take anything you can get at this point... Why Jeff Kaplan, why
The Morning After

Hello lovelies! I am here to grace your dashboard with some smutty goodness! Here is the request 99% of you voted that you wanted to read first. Hope you enjoy :-)

           The sun was just starting to peek over the horizon, signaling the start of the day, but I had been up for almost an hour. I was always and early riser, very rarely sleeping past eight o'clock. Even though it had been late when I fell asleep the night before, I felt rested and content. Zoe was still sleeping, lying on her side facing me. I gently ran my fingers through her hair and down her back, watching her shoulders rise slightly with each steady breath she took. I took my time, memorizing every inch of her beautiful face in the gray, early morning light.

           Last night had been… unbelievable. She had been mine and I had been hers emotionally for over a year, but we were now each other’s physically as well. It had been one of the most terrifying, exciting, and beautiful moments of my life. Connecting with her that way made me feel powerful and made me fall in love with her even more, if that was possible. It was as if we were two puzzle pieces, fitting together perfectly.

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