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So I haven’t been posting a lot but here is my toybox! I’ve been regressing about 7 months now, this box used to be so empty but now I’ve filled it with stuffs I have collected over the year.

It feels accomplishing to see how far I’ve come as an age regressor and partial CG, slowly being able to feel like myself more and reflect on how I’ve dealt with my anxiety, depression, and trauma. And I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a more healthy way of coping then what I had been trying to do in the past.

I love being a part of of CglRe. I love the friends I have made and feeling accepted by this community. I got out of relationships that hurt me a lot, I’ve slowly come to rebuild myself, albeit with glitter glue, stickers, and Finding Dory bandaids. My heart is fragile and I give it out so easily because I love so intensely and want to be treated tenderly and with kindness. Please don’t take that for granted if you are part of my life platonic or otherwise.

This little jellyfish has been riding the wild current that is life. And surprisingly I have been stung a lot especially by people I thought loved me. So now that I have reached calmer waters for now all I can hope for is the best.

Haha sorry about this big rant. I just had to get it out there. I love you all. Regress safely my babies and children. 💜