The Tentatrio Kickstarter is LIVE! You can now reserve your very own Ika, Jellyblub or Sweetoof plush. 

First day pledges are SUPER important–you won’t be charged until the project ends on June 5th, so if you love it, back it!

If plushies aren’t your thing but you’d still like to support me, reblogs/tweets/FB shares are totes loved. <3


STARWHAL IS HERE! The response to this Kickstarter project has been nothing short of phenominal! T_T You guys are amazing. We’ve obliterated stretch goals left and right, and last night was the tipping point…!

If there was only room in your heart for Starwhal, good news! You can now pledge for her as a separate $25 tier or you can go all out and get ALL THE CUTES for $100 (all plush, all stickers, all postcards, a tote bag and a nifty metal & enamel pin!).

But we’re not done yet! I couldn’t let you go home without a few awesome extra gifts. <3 

First is the final character card to complete the tentatrio project set. Second, an awesome collaboration piece by myself and sakuranym/sunsetdragon! Third is a shiny gold-colored metal and enamel pin! 

Well, what are you waiting for?!