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Marie & Tony’s Wedding Highlights

Watching this made ME breathless LOL ♥

This is the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen O_O~ Julieann, your family is too.. too great. 

Happy birthday Julieann ^-^

I remembered that you jokingly asked if I was gonna write a long message for you when I wrote Connie one for her birthday. So now, I actually will :) i’ve been through so much already with you in just 2 months since you moved to my school. i wish i could get you something for your birthday, but this is the best i can do :P

oh julieee ~ i have NO IDEA when we met or even when we started talking XD i dont remember how i met anh jason either. sorry, i have such a bad memory of things. lemme just talk about what i do remember then :D

I was so excited to hear that you and anh jason were moving to my school ~ i wish i couldve helped you guys move into MY neighborhood though T_T then i actually wouldve never been at home LOL that wouldve been so cool! but i was happy that i get to see you guys at school. (now since this is for your birthday, i wont talk about anh jason that much mmkays? feel special) when i heard it was your first day, i was planning the route so i could see anh jason. who knew i would actually see you first? i still remember that too lol i hugged you like crazy, i picked you up too XD that was a nice hug ~ and then when i found out that you have my healthcare class 7th period *o* i was so asdfghjkl; excited! I WOULD BE ABLE TO SEE JULIE EVERYDAY >:D what’s even better, we see each other on B days before 5th per and then she walks me to 6th per after we stop by art to say hi to thia ^-^ and then i walk thia halfway to her class and thennn me julie walk anh jason to tech class and onto 7th per everydayyyy ~ and we pick up anh khoa from tech too of course ;D LOLOL oh, and yeah, the more you hangout with me, the more influential i am. im afraid some of my badness and rebelliousness will rub off on you lol whatever, you like it :D 

OH MY GOSHHH i have to say this. Julie is so freaking ADORABLE! c: you’re so cuteeeeee! you and thia ~ AHHH you two are such an asdghjki cute set of best friends <3 and both of you are way too alike XD what surprised me was when i found out that tiny little thia can pin julie (who’s much taller than her) down like nothing XDD oh julie :’D you have the cutest personality. even though you’re so slow at times, and very clumsy, you can make anyone’s day by being your cute self <3 the childish things you do makes my smile no matter what mood im in. there’s no way anyone could ever hate you cause you’re soooooooo adorable! i know i keep saying that, but it’s just cause it’s true ~ but you still cant be a super smooth talker like me though ;D dont worry, you’ll learn from the best ^-^ 

You and thia are like my little sisters at school <3 yes yesss i am the big sister that watches over you two :) i just have to, you know? ;D what’s interesting is that i can tell when you guys arent telling me something lol thats why i check up on you very frequently. i’m just a bit protective of you two :P cant help it; that’s just my ‘big sister’ feeling coming out. just remember that i always got chu :D

I hope you had a good great time reading this c: I just wanted to make you smile ^0^ I hope you have an amazing birthday my dear julieann. I love you :)

Happy birthday.


Chi Hang <3

Just a bunch of little things about my average day.

Woke up and sister wasn’t even awake, so she missed her bus. Walked out to my bus stop in the rain.. stood under a tree until the bus came. Sat next to Silvia on the yellow school bus as usual. Ate breakfast, talked to Anthony about last night’s party and his girl issues. Myky came along with her adorable new hairstyle~ Gave bfffttrsff his essay and helped him with it. Went to homeroom for report cards. Worked with Tony for a Latin worksheet. Ran out from Elite Scholars building to Vocational and still got soaked. Worked in a group with Celeste, Tina, Leina, & Mundo for world history. Elam made me her errand runner. Found my way to Ms. Gray’s class, but she wasn’t there. -__- Everyone had a ponytail due to the rain today. Reminisced about a wasp incident with Robert. Lunch with Leina, Lisa, Ngan, Angela, & Jennifer like every other day. Lisa bought me ice cream :3 Did the milk shaking routine to annoy Ngan XD. Went to personal fitness in some grey sweats. Sydney finally came to school after a week. Coach called me Shaniqua, once again. Mario wore a hat to cover his bad hair day. Anthony epicly failed = running backwards and fell on his butt. Sat on the bleachers with Nicole and Sydney. Learned how to play Temple Run, LOL. Arranged desks in Ms. Koleti’s class. Read a paragraph really fast in class, haha. Raymond asked what I’d do if he died right in front of me. Joked around all period. Questioned Jose if he thinks I’m weird.. he said he looks at everyone weird, so. :D

Going home, bus had a really disgusting odor. Sprayed my Cucumber Dove. Everyone thanked me. :) Turns out it was due to dog poop though.. :/ Got off at Silvia’s bus stop, to her house. Dennis commanded Silvia & I to see him. Took us to Southlake for Silvia’s lunch. Dennis honked at some Asians walking towards Cho Trinh, LOL. Saw Thia, JulieAnn, Minh, & Jason at the food court! Jason couldn’t guess who was covering his eyes. Minh the penguin pillow pet gave it away though. So.. much.. laughter.. omg :’) “HEY, BIG BOOB GIRL!” and “Is that a bottle of mayo.. or..” - Jason. 

Dennis drove us back to Silvia’s, honked at more familiar people. Attempted to work on homework and err'ythang. Fell asleep in the attempt process. Omegle. Conversed with some nice strangers. O_O Drank orange juice. Mom called to pick me up. Stopped by at Tommy’s house to li xi that kid. It was nice :3 Felt fuzzy inside. Now I’m home.. and will finish my work after I press ‘Create post’.