Hey! I just thought I should let you all know that we love your faces, every single one of you.

CKC is still pretty young, and getting it’s feet off the ground, but you should definitely look into following us individually! Most of us are more active off the cosplay page, and love to make friends, so don’t be shy about saying hello!







jellybeansins replied to your post “Roommate’s all like, “were you home last night?” and I’m just like,…”

Hey, at least you don’t share a room! And there’s only a few months left! Can you talk to her about how she’s making you feel?

I mean, I could? but that would mean interaction, which is exactly the problem as it is. At least she finally did her dishes! XD

But seriously…lol. Imagine:

Me: Um, sorry, but you’re being to friendly.
Her: What?
Me: Yeah, sorry, but I find your inquisitive nature stressful and invasive. Please stop.
Her: ????