msbilliejean asked:

Δ Δ Δ I just posted three triangles so now you have to say 3 facts!

1) I’ve worn the same 3 bracelets on my right arm for over 2 years now. (don’t worry I clean them ever so often lol) 2) My favorite color tends to change a lot but it’s red at the moment. 3) Most of the time I’m too nice to say no to people and I hate that about myself.

Last night I had the most precious dream ever...

I dreamt that my parents let me drive for the first time and I headed out to the town hall (Idek why) and started creeping on things there. I found Michael being held there because he was arrested and was waiting his sentence. I went over to him, but was so scared to talk to him… I could literally feel my heart racing and my palms were super sweaty. I forget how we started talking, but he told me I was pretty and I asked him to sign my cd. So he reached over and got one of his latest cds (I clearly remember the title “DIY”) and I patiently waited while he signed it. I dont remember telling him my name nor any personal info. So when he was done, we hugged and I just started crying because it finally hit me that I was standing there with Michael! He asked, “What’s wrong, Kim?” I said, “You know my name?” He replied, “Of course, Kimberly!” And we giggled. Then my cousin told me to read what he signed. Inside the disc booklet was a page for each month and in December, my birth month, he wrote, “Baby girl, always keep that smile on for Michael, even for the 5 months that we’ve known eachother.” He also wrote all kinds of cute things about friendship bracelets and his family with a cute picture of little plastic people. Also, he seemed to be somewhere iin between the HIStory era and Invincible era and a little chunkier than he ever was. He looked so great! My family had left already so they were probably impatient so I decided to head out. But before I left, I told him, “Michael, you’re so beautiful… Inside and out. Yes, I mean that you have a gorgeous face and you’re so loved. You have millions of people who love you. I love you. And just as I’m going to smile for you everyday, I want you to stop changing yourself. I want you to tell yourself, every single day, that I love you and I think you’re beautiful inside and out. And if you can’t do that for me, I promise to remind you every single day if you give me some way to contact you.” And we hugged and cried. And I finally left, but forgot to take a picture with him :( So anyways, I was walking back to the car and I almost got mugged. -_-