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“Just because you are broken doesn’t mean you can’t be fixed. Stop telling yourself you don’t deserve something, stop holding back because you think you’re aren’t enough. Haven’t you ever heard that mosaics are made of broken pieces? You may be broken right now, but you aren’t ruined.”

1x07 Sneak Peek
So, apparently the reason why jellybean and juggy’s mother are not with them is because when Jughead’s dad got fired and got into bad habits his mother took his sister and went away and Jughead moved out of the house.

Now Jughead is urging his dad to take the job back so that they can get Thier family back together i.e. Jughead can move back in and maybe even his mother and sister can come back home Here’s the link:

If the screenwriters decide to put a sex scene between betty and jughead I just hope it will be something like;

Betty: oh juggie, I’d like to have dessert in the room tonight …….

Jughead: great idea, go ahead I’ll join you

(a few minutes later)

Jughead with a mountain of cakes and hot chocolate: …

The naked version of betty: …..

Jughead : ….. Blueberry or chocolate muffins?

Asks a lawyer Archiebolton

Archie doesn’t just tell Jughead that his father is a snake. He says it, in front of Betty and the others, at the party for the baby of Polly (I imagine), when he sees that Betty and Jughead are happy together. This is exactly why I know that at this moment of the episode my heart will break and that I will hate Archie.

Jughead has always been concerned about Archie’s happiness and he never used a weakness of Archie to become Betty’s favorite. He could have told her for Archie and Grundy and get closer to her but he didn’t do anything.
And by the time he starts to be happy at last Archie does that? I call to trial !!