jellybean plant


babies looked particularly cute this very crisp morning after the rain :-))

all these photos were taken by me, please leave the caption as is :-))


Do you guys remember your first succulent?
When I was a kid (~20 years ago) I got a Jellybean plant and I loved it more than anything. I learned a lot by watching it grow and propagate.
Only 2,5 years ago, my grandmother gave me 4 pots of cuttings from her own plants. This really kickstarted my obsession and my tiny collection grew.

Gotta remember to thank her when I see her this weekend!

Sweet tooth (Closed)


Angelcake hummed a happy tune as she walked through her garden of sweets, her smiling as she picked a couple sugar flowers and jellybean plants

She was so busy singing and humming, she didn’t notice the portal that had opened up next to her, making a man tumble out

Needless to say, her being over 15 feet tall, she wouldn’t have noticed anyways