Some of these people I’ve been following for years, and others much less time. Most are mutuals, others are not. Some I talk to all the time, others barely at all. It’s unlikely I’ll never unfollow any of these blogs, but for now, they all bring me a little happiness. Happy Holidays!


afrozenrose | ahipbanana | aisforinterval | alez-on-mars | americanprophet | arathesane | arfman | badwolfrise | badwolfrun | biggerbadderlatterday | bluepeets | bradleyhandforever | broadway-luv | caesuralclaus | canisonicscrewyou | catceleste | catsiel | celestedoodles | chaosjam | charleyepollard | charlotteog | clayterran | cookiepianos | cosmic-angst | danae-b | davyjacobs | divine-apathia | doctorwhoedit | drums-of-the-vortex | edwrdmordrake | elder-bellz | elderpricette | eldertimtams | eldertwelvecupsofcoffee | enjolfabulous | ferntree | fiftysevenacademics | fireexitkeepareaclear


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faithful-viewer’s 2k & New Year Follow Forever

I can’t believe I hit 2.000 followers before New Year’s Eve! What a great way to end this year, which has been very important for my life although somehow hard for my whole family. I’m a bit overwhelmed because I never once expected to reach such a milestone nor to get such a great, passionate response to my gifsets and pictures from my trips. I honestly appreciate every single note and comment, because the opportunity to share the things I enjoy with likeminded people it’s the very reason I love this site no matter what. So I decided to do this little follow forever as a way to thank all my fantastic followers for sticking with me. I love every single blog I follow, and all my mutual followers have a very special place in my heart, especially the bloggers I have the honour to know/have met irl, but I obviously couldn’t list all the 280+ blogs I follow. So please don’t be offended if you don’t find your name in this list, I haven’t forgotten about you, and that’s why I’ve put the link to my blogroll page at the end. I just decided to only include the blogs that inspire me the most, the ones that I really admire and look up to, the ones that brighten my dash and always make my day, as a sort of master list of the blogs that absolutely everybody on Tumblr should follow. Hope you’ll enjoy it, thank you again for this wonderful year together, here’s to many more!

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221bakerloo add-a-little-spark allthedrarryfeels alwaysthedoctorsrose ameliasimaginaryfriend amyskhaleesi amythegloriouspond arthurdrvill arthurpendragonns aspacemancametravelling attackeyebrow attackoneyebrows badwholfwhouffle bahtmun beautifulxmaddness bisexualcooper branfell burningupasun burntlikethesun butdoctorwho casteile chancemaycrown clarabosswald cooltennant cormacmclaggens cruciothelights

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dadskills david-tennants-little-fangirl deadhpool doctaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa doctorhbu doctorwho doctorwhoedit eggnogtyrion eliesekoroshiya elysean emmawathson expelliarmus ezriela fuckitykidneys gallifraye gallifreyan-detective gallifreyfalls gingerbreadbbatch greatspacedustbin hedvik hereticality hogwarts-express humany-wumany hvnteddean

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iamsonothere idjitscarryon intothedalek ireneadler isntthatwizard ithelpstodream itsmdktown jellybabiesandfishcustard kapaldy kathmo kingslyers ksica magicboxandangelwings mariajensen matteleven mattsmithissexy merrypopppins mh10thdoc momecat mostly10 mvrgaerytyrell mycroftplayingoperation myfatmadnotsoteenageblog mylittlebigbluebox nataliedomrer nevillles nobleamy nowandforeverharrypotter

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