jelly worm

Girls like salamanders, babe; girls like frogs.And girls like sticky fingers, babe. Girls like tunnels under logs. Girls like things with eyes protruding from their slimy porous heads. Girls like smooth tadpoles commuting to their algae island beds.Girls like salamanders, babe;girls like frogs.And girls like sticky fingers, babe.Girls like mating calls in bogs. Girls like clumps and clutches laid in fertile jellied piles. Girls like worms with brand new legs, their life cyclic and wild. Girls like salamanders, babe. Girls like frogs. And girls like sticky changelings, babe. Girls like decomposing logs.

anonymous asked:

what's the worm/god state?

My paraphrase of Neville Symington’s jelly/worm/god states f

Here are some long excerpts from “a pattern of madness” that lay out his triparte form for the narcissist, which better match TLP’s and my pitiful own views than Kohut/Freud/etc. Easy to get all his stuff on, I know they’re all like 200 on amazon

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hinny-of-neighvale  asked:

I wonder if Alan has Helminthophobia. If my memory's accurate, didn't he mention being frightened by a movie featuring monster worms? Plus there's his disgusted (perhaps horrified) reaction to when he found the realistic jelly worms Muffy & Francine put in his lunch. Perhaps the reason why the usually logical & collected Alan fell for Fern's hoax the way he did because subconsciously he predisposed to fearing worms.

it’s entirely possible! brain’s fear of worms hasn’t really come up in-depth (to my knowledge) but that’s a pretty decent interpretation of why he’d be so adverse to worms.