jelly that he's got such pretty brown hair

Don’t know if this has been done

Can we talk about Tom for a minute? 

I know he was made out as a villain, but hear me out (If you can’t tell, he’s my favorite character. For some reason, odd eyed villains are my fav, but it’s not my fault they have a cool design.)

This guy obviously had some anger issues, the most likely reason Star broke up with him, as it was pretty hinted at.  BUT HE WAS HONESTLY TRYING TO CHANGE. Like he said, he had his support system. 

Not only that, but he had the ENTIRE BALL made ‘boring’ and ‘low key’, just for Star.

Now I’m not saying that he can’t be angry or wrong, but he was behaving very well I believe.

 All this poor dude wanted was his girl back, and he literally went to Hell and back to achieve it. But Marco got all Jelly and ruined his chance. 

And this kind of reminds me of another possible relationship being torn by a jealous brown haired nerd.

Anyway, that ends my rant(even though it was mostly pictures).