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Renegade Rage

Summary: Youโ€™re already pissed off, and Dean is just making it worse.ย 

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Well, sort of implied at the end.)
Word Count: 1330
Warnings: Language, bar fight violence, drinking.
Genre: General.
Challenge: @atc74 and @mamaredd123โ€˜s Fabulous 300 challenge! My prompts were: fight, rage, and Renegade by Styx. Iโ€™m only about two months overdue on this. Sigh. Sorry it took me so long ladies, but here it is!ย 

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a quick-doodle request for the wife: the crystal gems as the doctor! garnet is the ninth, pearl is the tenth (i mean obviously), and amethyst is the fourth! click for full view! 

Jeonlous #1 ((Bon Voyage Style))
  • <p> <b>TH:</b> So, I bought Jimin a gift<p/><b>JK:</b> Ok?<p/><b>TH:</b> It was a cute snow globe with two people kissing<p/><b>JK:</b> I'll have you know I bought Jimin a gift first!<p/><b>TH:</b> Are you talking about that birthday gift<p/><b>JK:</b> Yes iM tAlKinG aBoUt tHaT bIrThDaY gIfT<p/></p>


Money Money Money Money…MONEY!

Getting Nowhere

Summary: The push-and-pull relationship you have with Dean becomes too much to handle.ย 
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 875
Warnings: None?
Challenge: @atc74โ€˜s 1K Follower Milestone Challenge! My prompt was from Kenny Chesneyโ€™s song Come Over, with the lyrics,ย โ€œYou can say weโ€™re done/the way you always do/itโ€™s easier to lie to me than to yourself/forget about your friends/you know theyโ€™re say weโ€™re bad for each other/we ainโ€™t good for anyone else.โ€ Congrats on the milestone Ang!

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Here’s the ice jelly!! A video doesn’t do it justice, it feels so weird!