jelly screens


I was trying to design casual outfits for Human Allura and Coran and then thought what mysteries could be under the jacket, then I imagined and I laughed.

If I ever get stuck in space, I want to be wearing that shirt.


Do you prefer your Pi Day jelly-filled? We promise an average of 3.14159… jellies on your screen per whatever unit of time gets us closest.

So, eeames did an improptu fic rec pointing out which 5 fics she would like to see be made into a movie! I liked the idea, so here’s MY impromptu fic rec, with the 10 (yes TEN, i’m weak) fics i’d pay through the nose to see be made into movies:

There Is A Brotherhood - sidekickinit

Just seeing Stiles in a super tight Spider-Man constume and Derek as Wolverine would be enough, but all the pranking shenanigans sure take the cake!!

In Other Words Baby, Kiss Me - @primeroseshows

It would be an amazing scy-fi fic to see on my screen with the Selene Moon Compound, the plot is interesting and the relationship between Derek and Stiles is everything a movie wants.

By Any Other Name - @entanglednow

This story of them waking up not remembering anything but immediately jumping to the conclusion that they MUST be together is just, cinematic gold, plus the feels at the end, i want to cry already.

Pack Up; Don’t Stray - @the-deep-magic

This fic is just so great…it’s a delicate subject but it’s beautiful and i would die to see the progression of their relationship on screen

The Jelly To His Doughnut - blacktofade

Jo is really one of my fave authors in the fandom, and this fic is funny, sad, and a good take on the ghost trope without making me want to quit life because death… i just want to see Stiles scare naked Derek in the shower

Crash Landers - gyzym

The whole idea behind this story is beeing alone and recognizing another lonely person and reaching out. The reaching out part is hilarious, and poignant and just…yes…full length movie please

The Domestic Series - thepsychicclam

I love this series, like, so much, i got a bday present out of it, and honestly?? To see Derek and Stiles as they build their family? Yes, please.

Past The Breakers - thepsychicclam

It isn’t favoritism (even tho i love her so much), but Rachel’s fics all do read movie-like, they have this defining quality of being so clear to imagine so obviously you want to see it in technicolor! This one is like Blue Crush for Sterek, so, yes forevee, ja feel?

You Can’t Dodge Stiles Stilinski - felicitysmock

Dodge Ball AU…. HS setting…like…do I have to say more??

No Homo - meechwoods

I mean… I’m so invested in this fic… And for all the fun parts it would be really sweet to see Stiles coming to terms with himself on film, plus, this fic is so hot whyyyyyyyy