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tooth & claw

tooth & claw by oh_no_oh_dear and Sarsaparilla

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Rating: T for some strong language

Warnings: Very mild violence, No archive warnings apply

Relationships: Sam Wilson / Steve Rogers ; Sam Wilson / Natasha Romanoff / James “Bucky” Barnes

Characters: Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, Nick Fury, Natasha Romanoff, Stephen Strange, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark (minor), Wanda Maximoff (brief mention)

Summary: Wherein there are dinosaurs, two grown men pining for each other while everyone else rolls their eyes, and Steve Rogers having the complete opposite of the luck of the Irish.

Word Count:  15,985

Steve Rogers’ last words to Sam were “Don’t I always?”

As final words go, they weren’t particularly inspiring or touching; he’d merely been replying to Sam’s “Don’t do anything stupid, Rogers” with a grin and a snappy comment as he always did, and then–

Well, to be honest, Sam didn’t see it happen. Neither did Bucky. 

The muffled thud of the vibranium disc falling to the dirt wasn’t heard by any nearby, and the few tendrils of steam marking where Steve had just been standing were immediately dissipated when two S.H.I.E.L.D agents ran past. 

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~(Nick)name: Jelly
~Zodiac Sign: Gemini
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~Favorite Book Series: I don’t really read much anymore, sooo idk
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~Favorite Color: Blue
~Coffee, Tea, or Cocoa: None. Hot drinks aren’t really my jam.
~Cats or Dogs: Dogs, but I like both(:
~Average Sleep Hours: Nothing consistent. I either sleep for eternity or wake up in the wee hours feeling more alive than ever.
~Favorite Fictional Characters: All the space lizards and Hit
~Number Of Blankets You Sleep With: 2 or 3
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Felicity Ford, political intern and self proclaimed ailurophile. She dreams of world peace and hates conflict of any kind, particularly overblown drama on the internet. Her closest confidante is her fluffy gray cat Kingston, a local Bridgeport stray who adopted the grad student about four years ago. At the moment, Felicity works in the Simington state governor’s office alongside a Mr. Christopher Pridemore (her archenemy and only direct competition on Governor Davenport’s staff), but she’s unhappy with her current job and hopes to find another way to change the world and pay her bills soon.