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Nicholas's girlfriend is in Morocco, did he go with her or is it a work trip? What you found of his new movie, I wanted to watch but I'm having problems with my email and I'm not able to access my account.

It looks like work to me, like they got a bunch of people there to promote some airlines and a clothing brand, they just have to post multiple times tagging them pretending to have the best vacay ever.  That’s some work right? Being payed to go to music festivals by jewelry and clothing brands, and being payed to travel around the world and pretend you are having so much fun using their brand… #Jelly (btw Nick is in London)

I liked the movie, I had the opportunity to read the script and I liked it more (they changed some scenes and cut others), but the movie was good.  I think Nick’s performance was on point, it was a different kinda character I think and his performance was very convincing in all the twists he had. The story wasn’t very strong but I think that was the point, the war for a private is not always fulfilling or reaching a goal, sometimes you don’t get to fix anything.  Some people I read had problems with the props because they say some guns or cars were the wrong ones, but for me a war/military ignorant that didn’t matter, specially considering it was an indie film and it looked very good.

The dynamic between the characters (Nick’s platoon) was very interesting, I liked it a lot, they were very charismatic in their particular way.  Like Powell’s character was a dick, but I actually liked seeing him being a dick, and then other characters were childhood friends and you believed them they cared for each other. The things they said are things you probably would hear soldiers say or do.  But my favorite was between Nick and Logan Marshall Green, he was like his mentor, but it wasn’t like ‘you are like my son’ explicit thing, but you felt it from both parts.

I’ve read some people praising Cavill, he was good, convincing, but in my case I didn’t get the excitement for his character, I didn’t care about him, was just incidental, I get he is the most famous actor on the cast and maybe that is why some people are saying they wanted to see his character more, but I think other characters were more interesting, Like Logan’s, Neil and Beau’s or Sammy’s.

There are some parts that maybe can feel slow but I guess that is also war, is not all shoot shoot bang bang.  And also they don’t paint the US army as the saviors or perfect supermen, it was their fault the iraqi people didn’t have clean water and they said it multiple times and also that helping them fix the water tubes was a PR thing.  I’ve read many veterans say that is one of the war movies they’ve seen that most closely relates what they felt or lived. 

All in all I watched it a couple times and enjoyed it, I recommend you watch when you have the time and remember it’s an indie, written by someone who actually lived those sort of things and met those kind of people.


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