jelly meme

ok so this file is rEALLY BIG so if u wanted to see the “detail”, there u go

i left out my 2 other actual sketchbooks bc thats a given at this point, and i left out a few pens/tools bc fuck that honestly (and its toootally not bc i forgot them or anything pffft)

buuut yeah! tagged by @kemopaw on instagram & @elvenrain bc they hate me ( TT w TT ) im also gonna tag @michimichi-cocopop bc i want her to suffer muahaha

dmlynx  asked:

19. do you enjoy any unusual food combinations that others find unappealing?

“A-aaah? I d-don’t think I l-like a-anything too unusual… ehehe, um, I l-like grilled c-cheese with rolanberry-basil jam, b-but… isn’t t-that pretty normal? Um, a-and… j-just once I h-had some chocolate m-mousse w-with olive oil d-drizzled in. Once. I-it was v-very tasty, t-though, I promise! R-really, I s-swear! A-and another t-time there were s-such wonderful maple c-cookies w-with bacon in them…. umm…”