jelly loki

Imagine it’s Father’s Day, and you’ve been helping your young kids make presents for Loki.  Early in the morning, you are woken up by a knock on the bedroom door.  The kids decided to make breakfast too, but the only thing they could make was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  There is nothing quite like breakfast in bed with the whole family.

Imagine Loki treating you very rudely simply because you are fat or because you have a jelly belly. He likes to judge what you eat and how fast you eat, he makes comments on your beauty and clothes size. But to combat his horrible manners, you begin to ignore him and put his ass in his place countless times, making him question his attitude. Towards the end of a long year you and Loki have gotten on better terms and he’s become more accepting of people who are fat and or thick bodied.