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— What’s in this code?
—Memories. They’re its memories. You call it a life, I call it a machine, but the truth is… somewhere in the middle. Even when I was building it, I began to encounter anomalies. As if it had imprinted on me, like a child with a parent. Then it started looking out for me, altered its own code to take care of me. It was behaving like a person. But the world didn’t need a person to protect it. It needed a machine.
You took its memories.
Not just memories.

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Y/N isn’t sure what she’s doing exactly, only that she woke up wanting something or someone and her someone was gone for the morning, and this had been lying in his place.

It was a big stuffed bear that usually sat on the floor in the corner of the room Harry won it for her at a carnival a little while back, and cuddled, and hugged, and sprayed it with his cologne until it smelled overwhelmingly like him. “For the nights m’away Bunny, I won’t even really be away at all!” He had chirped sweetly, handing it over to her. The sentiment behind it made her a little weepy and really happy, and it’s come in handy many nights when he has to be away. 

And now she’s found herself grinding down against one of it’s legs. 

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Ohhhh, man. I’m going to pretend this has a double meaning, because maybe H.R. also decides to be a tad more flirty with Cisco, stand a little bit closer (whilst still being respectful) and spend more time with him. Chats with Harry about Cisco about how great Cisco is, maybe deeper things as well… Give me super-matchmaker!H.R. giving Harry and his damn feelings for Cisco a hearty nudge. Pissed & jelly Harry happening at the same time, for several reasons, please.

*grabby hands* Even if there’s a trope base; ohhh, how I want. *rolls around in the glorious fic*