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›Analog Interface → things are evolving (2/?): “i can hear you”

— What’s in this code?
—Memories. They’re its memories. You call it a life, I call it a machine, but the truth is… somewhere in the middle. Even when I was building it, I began to encounter anomalies. As if it had imprinted on me, like a child with a parent. Then it started looking out for me, altered its own code to take care of me. It was behaving like a person. But the world didn’t need a person to protect it. It needed a machine.
You took its memories.
Not just memories.

Thomas began to start the car but froze in place and blinked at the doughnut. “Hey,” he said. “Where the hell did that come from?”
I took another bite. Cake doughnut. White frosting. Sprinkles. Still warm. And I had hot coffee to go with it. Pure heaven. I gave my brother a cryptic look and just took another bite.
“Christ,” he muttered, starting the truck. “You don’t even explain the little things, do you?”
“It’s like a drug,” I said, through a mouthful of fattening goodness.
—  Harry Dresden and Thomas Raith (Small Favor by Jim Butcher)

Hufflepuff: Wait you are telling me the university has an English class teaching Harry Potter!
Gryffindor: Yeah. I told you about it when I registered.
Hufflepuff: I thought you said you were taking a class on pottery!
Gryffindor: I thought you knew I didn’t have an artistic bone in my body.
Hufflepuff: I just assumed you were making really bad pottery.

toasted pb & j’s


//in which y/n makes harry a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast 


The pop from the toaster frightens a distracted y/n as she pours herself a cup of coffee. She spills a little bit of it on the counter and on her toes. She lets out a small yelp, hissing as the hot coffee attacks her skin.

“Love, is everything alright?” Harry calls from the stairs. A towel is wrapped low on his waist and both of his hands shake another towel through his wet hair. He had just gotten out of the shower when he heard y/n’s cry. His loud footsteps make their way to the kitchen, thinking he’d find his girlfriend, but she isn’t there- much to Harry’s dismay. “Poppet, where did you go?” He walks around the island to see y/n tending to her toes, wiping up the spilt coffee. He kneels down to inspect y/n’s actions. “What happened?” His eyebrows knit together and he brings his bottom lip in between his index and thumb.

Y/n looks up from her yellow toenails and answers Harry. “Well I was making toast and pouring my coffee but while I was pouring my coffee, the toast popped up and it scared me so I jumped and spilled a little bit of my coffee…” She speaks fast however her voice trails off when she realizes how ditzy she is. Harry laughs and offers his hand to y/n to help her up. This is certainly not the first time y/n has done this sort of thing. One time- again, while making toast- she was cutting an avocado and then cut her hand when the toast popped up in the toaster. It’s not her fault the toaster makes such an aggressive noise when it pops up the bread! Y/n retrieves the four slices of toast from the toaster and Harry pours himself a cup of coffee- without spilling. Harry sits at the table and admires y/n’s movements. He just likes to watch her sometimes. He likes how she always makes them breakfast, whenever they’re together. Lately, it’s been variations of avocado toast but this morning, y/n has decided to introduce Harry to an old childhood favorite.

“Avocado toast this morning?” Harry inquires before gingerly taking a sip of his black coffee. He watches y/n’s actions, noticing she doesn’t grab an avocado from the fridge but peanut butter and jelly instead.

Y/n shakes her head and places the two jars on the counter. “No, not this morning,” is all she says. The smooth peanut butter is swiped onto the toast first, a habit y/n has always kept. Her mum would always start with peanut butter and end with the jelly. It’s imperative for the peanut butter to meet the warm bread as soon as possible, otherwise there would be no ooey-gooey goodness. Y/n takes the time to cover every inch of the toast- even the corners. The blackberry jelly immediately stains the once golden bread. While in the middle of spreading around her jelly, y/n realizes she doesn’t even know what Harry’s favorite flavor of jelly is. “Harry what kind of jelly do you want?”

Harry hums. “Well what kind do we have?”

“There’s blackberry, strawberry and grape. Sorry, no kiwi,” y/n tries to be funny. Harry doesn’t laugh, he just stares at her, disappointed in her attempt to be funny. “I don’t think they even make kiwi jam,” she continues.

“Make up your mind, love. Is it jelly or jam?” Harry asks y/n.

Y/n only shrugs. “Both? I don’t know, now which kind of jelly slash jam do you want?”

“Strawber- wait no, grape.” Harry looks up from his phone to smile widely at y/n then turns back to the device after she rolls her eyes at him.

“Grape jelly it is.” Y/n dips the spoon in the purple jelly and plops a great deal on Harry’s toast. Once covering all the bread, y/n squishes the two slices together and cuts each of their sandwiches in two triangles- the only way you can eat a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich…or any sandwich for that matter. A bowl of fruit has already been set at the table, which Harry as already helped himself to. His coffee is nearly gone and he decides to fill his mug before dining on the breakfast y/n made. “Okay Harry,” y/n says while placing the plates down on the table. “This is toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I used to make these all the time because why have a regular pb & j when you can have a toasted one?”

Harry sets down his coffee and joins y/n at the table. He takes a seat and brings one of the corners up to his mouth. Once taking a bite, the gooey peanut butter oozes out of the sandwich and makes a mess all over Harry’s hands. “Mm,” he begins- his mouth still full. He holds up a finger, swallows, takes a sip of his coffee and sighs. “That’s quite good, love. A little messy,” Harry licks his fingers clean of peanut butter. “But still good.”

“The melted peanut butter is the best part!” y/n rejoices. She takes a bite of her own and let’s out the smallest, littlest moan imaginable. Harry stops his chewing and darts his eyes to look straight into y/n’s.

“Did you just fucking moan from taking a bite of your sandwich?” Harry asks.

Y/n continues to chew slowly, very uncomfortable that one, she moaned from taking a bite of her pb & j and, two, Harry heard her. She nods reluctantly and Harry snickers. “Well babe, at least I can make you moan louder than a fucking peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”


[authors note • i wrote this bc a little while ago, the harry chat was talking about pb&j’s and how some have never tried one before ok pls don’t judge me. (im writing part 2 to purse dating and then @hardliquorhaz is going to help me write a smut based off a personal experience of hers lmao)]

So here’s that Newsies/Harry Potter thing I promised.

Yeah I decided to make Jack a Gryffindor. Actually I didn’t decide, I was going to make him a Slytherin (even before I asked you guys) but then I was watching a movie while coloring this and I wasn’t paying attention and I accidentally made him Gryffindor. Whoops.

But I think Jack would do well as a Gryffindor too.


i decided im going to gather key information in harry potter and the half-blood prince to show that hinny didn’t “come out of nothing”… for those bitches who judge ginny without even reading the books; let’s do this shit

QUOTE: “(…) they ((harry and ron)) found themselves looking at Dean and Ginny, who were locked in a close embrace and kissing fiercely as if glued together. It was as though something large and scaly erupted into life in Harry’s stomach, clawing at his insides: hot blood seemed to flood his brain, so that all thought was extinguished, replaced by a savage urge to jinx Dean into a jelly.” – Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, Chapter 14, Felix Felicis.

QUOTE:  “Neither of them ((ron and hermione)) seemed to have noticed that a fierce battle was raging inside Harry’s brain:

 She’s Ron’s sister.                                                                                               But she’s ditched Dean!                                                                                      She’s still Ron’s sister.                                                                                        I’m his best mate!                                                                                                    That’ll make it worse.                                                                                            If i talked to him first–                                                                                              He’d hit you.                                                                                                            What if I don’t care?                                                                                                He’s your best mate!” – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 24, Sectumsempra.

QUOTE: “Yet Harry could not help himself talking to Ginny, laughing with her, walking back from practice with her; (…) And to complicate matters he had the nagging worry that if he didn’t do it, somebody else was sure to ask Ginny out soon:  he and Ron were at least agreed on the fact that she was too popular for her own good.” – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 24, Sectumsempra.

QUOTE: “Harry looked around; there was Ginny running towards him; she had a hard, blazing look in her face as she threw her arms around him. And without thinking, without planning it, without worrying about the fact that fifty people were watching, Harry kissed her.” – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 24, Sectumsempra.

QUOTE: “(…) he ((harry)) suddenly wished he had said a better goodbye to them ((ron and hermione)) … and he hadn’t seen Ginny at all …” – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 26, The Cave.

QUOTE: “‘Voldemort uses people his enemies are close to. He’s already used you as bait once, and that was just because you’re my best friend’s sister’.

‘What if I don’t care?’ said Ginny fiercely.

‘I care’, said Harry. ‘How do you think i’d feel if this was your funeral… and this was my fault…’ (…) I just wish I’d asked you sooner. We could’ve had ages.. months… years maybe….’

‘But you’ve been too busy saving the wizarding world’, said Ginny. –Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 30, The White Tomb.

So yeah, hinny is fucking true and awesome, deal with it. Fight me on this one.


Ohhhh, man. I’m going to pretend this has a double meaning, because maybe H.R. also decides to be a tad more flirty with Cisco, stand a little bit closer (whilst still being respectful) and spend more time with him. Chats with Harry about Cisco about how great Cisco is, maybe deeper things as well… Give me super-matchmaker!H.R. giving Harry and his damn feelings for Cisco a hearty nudge. Pissed & jelly Harry happening at the same time, for several reasons, please.

*grabby hands* Even if there’s a trope base; ohhh, how I want. *rolls around in the glorious fic*