jelly glasses


Just finished watching Moana for the first time!!!! Ahhhh!!!! It was so great!!!! 

Okay to reblog~

[White agender autistic adult wearing an “I find people confusing” shirt with 3 different faces on it from the curious incident of the dog in the night time, two long necklaces and jelly bracelets with glasses]

Gif 1: Happy flaps with a big smile

Gif 2: Smaller hand flapping but bigger arm movements

the signs as "art hoe" aesthetics
  • Aries : cacti
  • Taurus : mustard yellow
  • Gemini : kanken backpacks
  • Cancer : pressed flowers
  • Leo : Van Gogh socks
  • Virgo : moleskin notebooks
  • Libra : doc martens
  • Scorpio : tattoo chokers
  • Sagittarius : art journals
  • Capricorn : big ass reading glasses
  • Aquarius : Birkenstocks
  • Pisces : Monet paintings on random objects

Well I can finally knock mermaid bath off my Lush bucket list. 😍 it’s so pretty and I feel so soft. agreatgreenwizard also picked up a little something from our favorite smoke shop today. 😏happy Stoney Sunday guys! 💚

HEY let’s talk about some amazing and gr8 girl group dances (n just ones that i personally rly love) for a second bc they’re amazing so you should totally watch all of these!!

“I Remember” - Anne Sexton

By the first of August
the invisible beetles began
to snore and the grass was
as tough as hemp and was
no color—no more than
the sand was a color and
we had worn our bare feet
bare since the twentieth
of June and there were times
we forgot to wind up your
alarm clock and some nights
we took our gin warm and neat
from old jelly glasses while
the sun blew out of sight
like a red picture hat and
one day I tied my hair back
with a ribbon and you said
that I looked almost like
a puritan lady and what
I remember best is that
the door to your room was
the door to mine.

some pros and cons of having glasses


  • you can actually see shit


  • you lose them. All the fuckign time
  • “hey can you see anything without your glasses?”
  • followed by: 
  • *rips glasses off face* HOW MANY FINGERS AM I HOLDING Up
  • exert yourself slightly? your glasses fog the fuck up
  • come into a warm place from being out in the cold? FOG
  • accidentally look into ur cup of hot coffee while drinking it? FOG
  • when the little wire nose things bend out of shape and u get headaches
  • or when you have those jelly nose pads for glasses w/out the wire nose things and they fall off and fuck off into neverland and you never find them again and dont ever bother going back to get more even tho its fucking up ur vision
  • headaches when u dont wear them
  • headaches when u do
  • that nasty feeling behind ur ears when you put them on in the morning
  • when you misplace them and spend half the time looking for them freaking out because you need your glasses to help look for your glasses
  • having frames that cover up ur winged eyeliner when u DO try to do winged eyeliner
  • that disgusting glasses tan u get in the summer oh my god end me
  • i hate glasses
  • save me

♡fuck ur problems, listen to cute kpop♡ – an hour long mix where you can be as cute as u want while listing to these cute as fuck songs by cute as fuck girls; ( listen )

01. sugar sugar – laboum || 02. ice cream cake – red velvet || 03. bubibu – apink || 04. coming soon – nc.a || 05. candy jelly love – lovelyz || 06. glass bead – gfriend || 07. darling – girl’s day || 08. cookies, cream & mint – orange caramel || 09. love letter – berry good || 10. sunshine – rainbow || 11. shy boy – secret || 12. love at first sight – tint || 13. study – stellar || 14. day by day – snsd || 15. hey mister – crayon pop || 16. do you want some tea? – hellovenus || 17. kiss kiss – ladies’ code || 18. up & down – ye.a ||