A fan asked Junhong if he would write something full of hope and love to cheer her on since it’s her last year of high school, and he wrote, “Hi Go 3 don’t study too hard because then I’ll want to hug you.”
—  trans. cr; yasuis @ tumblr | source cr; b.a.p’s fancafe

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why do you stan zelo? you seem like you'd stan someone else like yongguk or jongup... ^^

SHOULD I BE OFFENDED OR???? Sobs, I’m kidding. But. No, I’m a Zelo stan! I love all six members of BAP, but somewhere along the line, I guess I fell in love with that 17 year old kid more so than the other members!

Why do I stan him, urrrr. There’s lots of reasons. Tbh, Zelo wasn’t the first one I was excited for in BAP, the person my attention went to for most of Warrior was actually Yongguk! (sobs so I guess you’re kinda right.) I personally do like rappers, so that’s the first reason. There’s something about Zelo and his the way he raps — it’s as if he’s just talking to you sometimes??? It just flows naturally, and his technique, speed and just the way he accents certain words, everything’s absolutely skill, and considering he’s only 16/17????

Second of all, the difference between him on stage vs. him naturally is so intriguing. He’s this extremely shy, sometimes sensitive/insecure baby off stage, yet when he gets onto the spotlight, he completely changes into this 18+ year old and just spits out those raps and performs like he’s a YG family member? You know what YG always says. Have confidence, to the point where you’re cocky. And that’s what Zelo is on stage.

Then Zelo off stage alskdjgklds. The way he’s so mature for his age is my main reason I adore him so much. He thinks too much about things; probably because he debuted at such a young age. And the fact that he’s surrounded by his hyungs. … this ask is getting to long so.

The main reason I love Zelo is not just because he’s attractive (while he is probably the most attractive fucking 16/17 year old on the planet ok noonas you feel me????), but because he’s passionate about his music, and his performances just captivate me every time he gets up somewhere to perform. I’ve seen him perform once and hopefully I’ll get to see him perform some more but… my baby’s growing so fast sob. ;_; He’s becoming more of an artist through learning from Yongguk and just his experiences, and I just love him so much. I love Zelo. Choi Junhong, I adore him and respect him so much. SOBS. 


and those pics with him covering his chest with his jacket
GR I WANNA JUST ASLKJLK ok i’m done i’m done
I hate choi junhong and I wish he would get off the planet h8 him sm 

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1 thing you like about each of the other bap members except zelo, one reason you fell for zelo, and one specific reason you love bap~

AGH, THIS IS LIKE A MULTI PART QUESTION. But, okay, here I go. (1)!!

  • Yongguk - His generosity, fatherly nature and just him being such an angel. He’s always giving something to somewhere more in need, and he’s just such a great leader and role model for not just BAP but I think anyone. An inspiration. 
  • Himchan - I really like Himchan’s little logic about his pictures and wanting to “preserve moments of the fans.” I think it’s just the cutest thing ever whenever he wants to be paparazzi for the fans. It’s just so different and I feel as if he and Myungsoo from Infinite could be BFF’s, cries. 
  • Daehyun - His voice, obviously. He always takes on so much and probably strains his vocal chords all the time with all this screaming in BAP’s songs, but has he ever complained? No. That’s Jung Daehyun for you. A strong hardcore mother fucker with sexy vocals. 
  • Jongup - JONGUP IS SUCH A PUPPY I JUST WANNA ADOPT HIM AND PUSH HIM AGAINST ZELO AND WATCH THEM CUDDLE. ;___; Ahh, he is so weird and the shit he says, omg “elevators also go up in las vegas” “do you see the world blue when you where blue contact lenses???” jongup you’re drunk, go home!!!

(2) I honestly as I tell everyone, didn’t fall for Zelo first. Or rather, I didn’t find him the most interesting one when they debuted with Warrior. My eyes went to Yongguk first. It was really because of Ta Dah! BAP that I noticed the extreme difference between Zelo’s stage manner and Choi Junhong. Something about how… maknae-like he was with his Zelobot facade, all innocent and weird just pinned an arrow deep within my heart and the moment I saw that exact opposite on stage — this charismatic, mature, strong performer — I knew I couldn’t not stan this 16 year old. (Back then anyway.)

(3) One specific reason I love BAP is because of their dedication. Ever since they’ve debuted, we’ve been heavenly blessed about how many things they’ve given to us. How long have we honestly gone without BAP doing something? Not long really. Probably only a month even? They’ve been coming back and trying so, so hard to please the fans and show different sides, approaching different genres: ballads, hip hop, eletronic, etc. And the fact that none of them ever, never, ever, say at least on TV anywhere or in front of the fans that they’re tired and want a break — it makes me have this feeling of my stomach being punched, hard. They’ve worked so hard to be where they are right now, and it kind of saddens me that they’re still pretty underrated in the KPOP industry, and probably won’t be as big as some other bands. But I guess that’s a good thing, because I like our baby fandom a lot, even just the ones on tumblr. This is getting so cheesy and cliche so I’m going to stop here. >w>