B.A.P Attack Ep. 1 

A fan asked Junhong if he would write something full of hope and love to cheer her on since it’s her last year of high school, and he wrote, “Hi Go 3 don’t study too hard because then I’ll want to hug you.”
—  trans. cr; yasuis @ tumblr | source cr; b.a.p’s fancafe

can someone pleae

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I just want to comment on something. Choi Junhong, debuted with his hyungs at such a young age. He’s now a legal adult and he’s progressed so much, grown so much – both physically and mentally – and most important of all, he’s matured into this amazing performer that only gives us his absolute best on the stage. He probably has numerous thoughts and troubles that we’ll never know about, but he’s been so mature from the start and gone down this road with his hyungs knowing all he’s losing. The time he could be studying and spending time with his other friends, enjoying a normal teenage childhood, and giving away all of this to perform for his fans. I am so grateful for this angel that we’ve been bestowed from the heavens and always feeling so blessed he’s here and we’re able to experience him do what he does best: be Zelo, the flawless and breathtaking performer. Happy birthday, jelloprince.