jello shooter

I can’t see you
for you’re not on my screen
and I know you cannot stand
another useless critique of
millennial tech and attention span
and this isn’t that but
I still cannot see you
and I want to

God, how I want to
shove all this useless
garbage out of the way
the shampoos and cereals
and fidget spinners
and Cthulhu shaped dildoes
and first person shooters
and disgruntled, schoolyard shooters
and raw oyster shooters
and vodka jello shooters

so I can touch you
just effing touch you
on the breasts
on the lips
in the heart

for a moment
for an instant
for a second
for a lifetime


Max Mundan, New Fortune Cookie

© Max Mundan 2017

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Hello, my name is ________

Thanks to @rage-quitter for beta reading this. If you haven’t already seen their stuff you really should. They’re what caused me to write The Long Drive Home and start shipping Jerevin.

The first thing Jeremy realized upon joining the Fake AH Crew, was that it was in his best interest to just nod and go along with everything Geoff said.

Not complaining when the man drunkenly slapped a name badge sticker on his forehead during the biggest staff party in the criminal world was just one of them.

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anonymous asked:

Matty is only getting interviewed :( where's George?

after seeing the performance i realize g was very busy rolling his sleeves in a very perfect fashion i mean i’m pretty sure like we know matthew is the princess here but i feel like george actually takes the longest to get ready

like adam just throws on a blouse and the same pants he been wearing for a couple year

ross lives in his turtleneck skin

matty closes his eyes and just picks something froma child’s closet and puts it on

but george

he is A Work Of Real Art

so that’s probably Why

and adam and ross were busy doing jello shooters idk