volpetintado-deactivated2014051 asked:

Hi! I didn't want to ask anything from the ask-post :> maybe something different.. -i think..- Do you have any other skills? apart from drawing?

No problem at all, anyone can feel free to ask any different question. 

This is probably going to sound bad, but I’m not sure I do. I mean, I’m sure there’s things I’m good at, or could be good at, but honestly none come to mind. Or I’m sure there’s small things I’m good at, like noticing certain things most wouldn’t, but just really not sure. 

jelliens replied to your photo: People never believe me when I say its a mole. Ah, ustedes si saben animar en 2d?

A mi no me toco esa parte del programa orz’ pero recien lo adaptaron y llevan animacion tradicional en segundo o tercer semestre. A mi me ense;aron solo a usar flash y toonboom para animacion 2d :<