hand-made swingset, plastic playhouse with a missing window, jelly shoes that leave blisters, walking through overgrown grass with bare feet, filling up the kiddie pool with water from the hose, eating popsicles and dying your clothes at the same time, a rainbow of pool noodles against a bright blue pool, roasting marshmallows, camp fire in the middle of the yard, catching fireflies in the dark, falling asleep to crickets and cicadas

anonymous asked:

Please some HC's on Connor with a S/O who wears cute stuff like jelly shoes and is very pastel (opposite of his fashion style)

This is so cute omf

-Connor always thought you weren't his type

-”they’re too bright for my liking’

-But one day when you got paired for an assignment and started talking


-he instantly adores you

-is surprised when you act like him

-Even more surprised when he asks you out and you say yes

-“Wait seriously? This isn’t a fucking joke right?”

“No Connor shut up”

-he thinks you’re like some Christian goodie goodie

-but Nah lmao you’re just like any other teenager in hell highschool

-He thinks you’re the most precious thing he’s ever seen

-is surprised when you steal his back/grey hoodies

-”It doesn’t seem like you would like my hoodies”

“It’s soft tho”

-Thinks you look adorable in his black clothes

-it’s kinda odd at first but he likes it

-wants to hug and protect you every second of every day

-will kill anyone that looks at you

-”hey (y/n) looking good today!”

“Thank yo-”

“yes they fucking do, thanks for the compliment but my PERSOn and I will be going now”

And he like mumbles swear words directed at someone under his breath

-Thinks you are a ray of sunshine

-Will die 4 u