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Daisuga - Jealousy

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I swear i’ve never edited a post so frequently like this before

Makeup Marichat May, Day 11. Age-up Marinette!

Title: Change
Word Count: 1,934

It’d been a while since he really saw her last. After they’d gone off to university, he’d had a hectic schedule that didn’t allow him much time to socialize with his friends from middle school or high school. Plus, with Nino away in Spain, and Alya’s web journalism internship they hardly had a chance to all get together.

Seeing her now, sitting on her balcony quietly consumed in sketching, Chat Noir was hit with an overwhelming wave of nostalgia.

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A request for the dear @reisfuchss who asked for Villain!Saitama to tease Genos by using the dude’s arm to give himself a soothing booty scratch that only metal fingers can provide. ;y
I head-cannon that Sai at least has the decency to drop Genos off at Kuseno’s property before dashing back off.

this was up earlier, but I had Saitama’s hand upside down in the last panel😅, so I took it down to fix it

Saitama & Genos © ONE & Yususke Murata

Art © Anjelzjelly129