jellie & puzzle

Oml these curly hairs are killing me dead

seriously, I’ve been ombre-ing a good chunk of the cats and dogs hairs and holy balls… EA sure knows how to make hair textures like 1000 piece puzzles of jelly beans. I’m taking a break tonight to do some vet gameplay and townie makeovers! But I should be releasing the hair dump in a couple of days.

Fanart for @alainaprana ‘s kickstarter Jelly Realms! (Don’t know why it’s not linking to her page =.=)

I saw @butterapplego ‘s Mage and Sai jelly fanart and I couldn’t resist making fanart! 

So here is Neon as a Jelly and my favorite Jelly, Nomura the Rogue!

Go and support her game! ^w^