Remember that last picture? The body headcanon for Jason as it should have been after his fiery explosive death?

Yeah, this is the sequel to it, because as chances would have it, four year old Damian had snuck past his caretaker and the guards down to the Lazarus pit that night out of curiosity for what was being planned. He had not yet been to the pit, but he had heard of it, and he had seen the coffin being carefully carried down the stairs.

He watched from his hidden alcove within the cavern as they carefully removed the tightly bandaged body and tossed it into the rejuvinating green waters.

Everything was still for only a few moments.

Then, this Damian, a mere four year old then, was witness to the most blood-curdling, raw, animalistic scream he had ever heard in his life as one Jason Todd crashed through the surface of the pit, thrashing and wailing before going under again.

Damian watched in horror and listened to the most agonized, soul wrenching screams he’d ever heard as the tightly bandaged Jason floundered and sobbed while half his body regrew itself.

It was the most raw, horrific, and traumatizing experience of Damian’s life. From that point onward, nothing ever seemed as horrific as what he had seen and heard that night, and thus, he quickly became the brutal and cold-blooded assassin his mother wanted.

He never knew who the person was that night, and he never went back to see. To this day, nothing as affected him so greatly as the horror of the night, and he doubts anything ever will.

I *was* going to add some pretty colored lines to this and junk so it would look extra super special, but I’m honestly kind of tired of looking at this

Have fun with these losers, who I was just supposed to figure out how to draw and instead just used them to also get back into the swing of coloring and shading again ha ha. It was fun

Genderstuck Headshots


I’ve been working on this for a little while now, but here you have it. Finally have my head shots for Gender Bent Homestuck Trolls. ~owo~ Still need to do the human kids, though it could be interesting to have them stay the same and have to deal with these GB trolls. OTL.

Next up, full body designs, and then, hopefully, some good ol’ Species Swap or Blood Swap! :D Yaaaaayyyyy!

(Also, I tried with the Genderswap names. ID I tried. And Gamzee’s is the same because Gamzee is always Gamzee in every verse, in the same way he never fucking dies in every timeline. >XD That, and I couldn’t figure out a 6-letter fem version of his name. Meh. I like Gamzee for his lady self anyway. Lolz.

Edit: So apparently what happens when you have a girlfriend is that she mentions how it bothers her that your picture is in neither color or zodiac order, so because you love her so much, you use a lot of copy and pasting to put it in one of the two orders for her. XD Love you, bby. OTL.