found some bokuroo fics in my marked for later on ao3 and remembered how much I love these two dorks


I wasn’t very happy with how baby-faced my adult Yugi came out, and I’ve been kinda worried about how well I’ve been portraying age, so I used these two for a little practice. I hope they look a little more adult-like.

the datemate and I were discussing the start of post-canon angstshipping where Ryou approaches Marik at a social gathering with friends and Marik wonders why Ryou is talking to him of all people


haven’t even finished the first duelist island arc, but i’ve seen a good bit of fanart and i think these two are really interesting sooooo

also it occurred to me that the easiest way to handle 90′s anime hair is to just think of it abstractly and then find a better equivalent, hence yami bakura with super curly hair b/c i think it’s great

okay I’ll be honest I only started watching yugioh for Marik. I’ve been scouring his wiki page and skimming over fanart for many weeks, and now that i’ve finally gotten my first peek at him in the anime, i had to post a drawing of him, no matter how sketchy

also i drew this while listening to triple baka on repeat which is completely irrelevant but also sort of funny


@littlebeebeebird and I are watching Bleach and I decided to try my hand at some characters.

Love how Orihime turned out, but I was using pens for the first time in years on Ichigo, and uh not sure I’m digging it as much. I also drew Ishida but I made the mistake of trying to draw him looking up and that was not a good decision on my part.