found some bokuroo fics in my marked for later on ao3 and remembered how much I love these two dorks


@littlebeebeebird and I are watching Bleach and I decided to try my hand at some characters.

Love how Orihime turned out, but I was using pens for the first time in years on Ichigo, and uh not sure I’m digging it as much. I also drew Ishida but I made the mistake of trying to draw him looking up and that was not a good decision on my part.


Cause all of me loves all of you
All your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections

All Of Me, John Legend

Just two kids in love chilling in their undies

Just two dorks on a cheesy backdrop of roses.

Gavin being a shit and taking Ray’s controller in order to stop him from winning for a bit. Turns into a wrestle that ends up with them both snorting and giggling like the little snots they are.

Rayvin 4 lyfe yo

From an alternate universe where instead of Danny becoming part ghost, a part of him actually died and created a ghost who goes on to call himself Phantom.

While it was Sam’s idea to enter the portal, Danny also in this instance had the desire to help his parents and see if there wasn’t a way he could get the portal to work himself. This desire to help at the time of the incident spawned the obsession within Phantom (as is characterisic of all ghosts) towards aiding others and playing a small hero role, so when he recognizes the humans of Amity Park as in need of aid from other ghosts who hurt and terrorize them, he takes up the role of protecting them. While most ghost are born through one highly negative emotion, (fear, rage, despair, etc.) Phantom is the first documented case of a ghost born out of a positive one.

Danny, on the other hand, decides to help his parents fight ghosts after he successfully manages an incident at school with a Fenton Thermos they forced on him before he left and a nasty low-level ghost. He joins the family business, much to Jazz’s dismay as the only ‘normal’ one left, and eventually becomes the first one to realize that Phantom is not only a 'good’ ghost but was actually a part of him once. (And man, is it freaky to realize that a part of him actually did die in the incident that nearly killed him.)


Autistic Vexen who gets super caught up in experiments and science, because it’s his special interest, but Marluxia’s hair is thick and soft and very nice to stim with, so it’s the only way to get Vexen away from his work.

Marluxia takes advantage of this, because it gets Vexen to pay attention to him with the same intensity that Vexen pays to his work.

they’re watching a late night magician on TV and Cyrus already knows that he doesn’t need his brother’s terrible jokes

But yeah, have some young Human AU Papyrus and Sans. Sans has the cutest kid brother. It’s too bad Cy is probably gonna get too big for this pretty soon. San’s lap only has so much space, after all. 

Have been wanting to draw some Human AU Papyrus and Mettaton for a while

so have moderately successful Youtube star, Mettaton, whose channel is a proverbial hodge podge of content that involves anything from recipes to makeup tutorials to sketches, and his #1 fan, Cyrus, who watches every single video and somehow manages to always get first comment through diligence and sheer willpower.

They live on entirely different ends of the US–Mettaton in big city LA and Cyrus with his big brother, Sans, in a small town Northeast (probably in Vermont)–but that doesn’t keep them from eventually hitting it off and dating b/c I’m Papyton trash ha ha

Here’s the Human AU skelefam picture I promised! Cyrus loses his first tooth and Daddy Gaster (who doesn’t have a name yet) is pleased for his youngest. Cyrus is also still small enough for big bro Sans to hold, but Cy takes after their dad, so he’s not gonna stay that way for too long ha ha I enjoy the headcanon of Gaster speaking in ASL, so here we have him signing ‘good’ and Cyrus signing 'Dad’ and showing Dad his missing tooth. But aaaaaaaa I’m so sorry for the terrible quality of the photo. I wish I could just scan this, but no computer right now so…

Several months ago @haytaco commissioned me for a tattoo design (the first and only one I’ve ever done) with some really great specifications that made her a commissioner’s dream, and what came out of it was this. Just recently she finally got a chance to get it tattooed, and I feel now I’m more comfortable with actually posting the original design for everyone to see.

This has been super exciting, because I can’t think of a greater compliment than someone wanting my art to hold a permanent and personal place on their body. That’s just incredible to me, and I’m really kind of honored.

If you haven’t seen the final tattoo version, then please take a look here! It’s turned out beautifully in my opinion, and I’m so happy that so many people agree. (The tattooist also did a great job of making a much prettier font for the words ha ha.)


I’m tired of looking at this, so here you have Gamzee Makara from Ninjastuck or whatever we’re calling it now, inspired by Naruto, because my datemate and I rediscovered our Naru nerdselves who apparently never went away.  Village names and things have been changed into latin because they’re not all japanese now so why not?

(Tavros is coming next btw)

History: Gamzee originates from the Nebula village (Mist). He’s the son of the village Praetor (the Condesce) and her second in command (GHB). Around the time he and his twin sister were newly born, the previous Host (formally known as Hostia) of the 10th Beast Capricorn was dying, so Gamzee’s mother decided to seal the beast in one of their newborn babies. After testing, Gamzee was found to be more compatible, and the beast was sealed within him.

Capricorn used to speak to Gamzee somewhat when he was a young child, but Capricorn is a being grown to be filled with hate and rage for humankind, and he eventually shut Gamzee out completely, leaving the poor child to try and deal with his powers and the beast’s rage on his own. This has led to more than a few unintended outbursts, which has made him more than a little feared in the village, and Gamzee takes medication to keep him calm when he feels them coming on. Learning to control Capricorn and his powers would do him better in the long run, but he doesn’t learn how until after meeting two fellow hosts during the exams to reach Beta tier. (equivalent to Naruto’s Chunin)

Makara Clan Ability: The Nightmare Technique. They are more or less Chucklevoodoos. It’s basically an illusion that the victim is placed under, instilling them with a strong sense of fear and paranoia, while the user puppets them as they will. Gamzee has not manifested the ability (yet?), but he isn’t actively trying to anyway.

Capricorn’s Abilities: Capricorn is literally a black hole capable of consuming anything, even pure chakra. This makes a vast majority of techniques useless against it, because it can simply swallow them up without harm. It is also almost nigh indestructible. This is not to say that it can not be killed, only that it is very difficult to kill.

Capricorn Influence: Both of these abilities are transferred to Gamzee in much smaller ways. Gamzee is capable of eating most things without harm, even items that are considered inedible for humans, like metal or wood. He can also take a lot of damage, and his pain tolerance is much higher than most. He is also capable of holding his breath for extremely long periods of time, and his swimming abilities are better than most.