Have some OCs! It’s the Senju mom, Hatake Tosaka, and the Uchiha mom, Yume.

Tosaka is a fearsome woman who kept her last name and will fIGHT. Tobirama is the most like her, very practical to the point of callousness. She agreed to the marriage because she wanted the alliance for her clan.

She doesn’t think most of her kids will live (esp Hashirama who actually isn’t hers), so she plays favorites with the kid who seems to have the most Hatake in him. Distantly related to Sakumo through a brother who’s probably his ancestor or something.

Yume is a tired woman who has a long fuse, but once you reach the end of it, it’s too late. Madara gets his hair and eyebags from her, as well as her temper though his fuse is much shorter. She believes in doing what will best benefit her clan, even at the cost of herself, as is the core belief of the Uchiha. She dies having her sixth child, who doesn’t make it.

I *was* going to add some pretty colored lines to this and junk so it would look extra super special, but I’m honestly kind of tired of looking at this

Have fun with these losers, who I was just supposed to figure out how to draw and instead just used them to also get back into the swing of coloring and shading again ha ha. It was fun


A Humanstuck Calliope and Caliborn sketch, because I like how they turned out. Not sure if that’s exactly what they wear but whatever. They’re identical twins who are both transgender and decided just to switch names instead of thinking up new ones. Their father is an actual lord named Lord Callias English, and their surrogate mother is a servant their father paid to carry them so he could have heirs. (Their surrogate mother being the human handmaid, which makes them half-siblings to Aradia and Damara both.)

Calliope is involved in the arts, such as painting and theater, the school band, and not only adores history and creative writing but is also an honor student. Calistus hated school and did so poorly in it that their father decided just to pay Doc Scratch to teach him full time at home, which Cal was not displeased about.


I’m tired of looking at this, so here you have Gamzee Makara from Ninjastuck or whatever we’re calling it now, inspired by Naruto, because my datemate and I rediscovered our Naru nerdselves who apparently never went away.  Village names and things have been changed into latin because they’re not all japanese now so why not?

(Tavros is coming next btw)

History: Gamzee originates from the Nebula village (Mist). He’s the son of the village Praetor (the Condesce) and her second in command (GHB). Around the time he and his twin sister were newly born, the previous Host (formally known as Hostia) of the 10th Beast Capricorn was dying, so Gamzee’s mother decided to seal the beast in one of their newborn babies. After testing, Gamzee was found to be more compatible, and the beast was sealed within him.

Capricorn used to speak to Gamzee somewhat when he was a young child, but Capricorn is a being grown to be filled with hate and rage for humankind, and he eventually shut Gamzee out completely, leaving the poor child to try and deal with his powers and the beast’s rage on his own. This has led to more than a few unintended outbursts, which has made him more than a little feared in the village, and Gamzee takes medication to keep him calm when he feels them coming on. Learning to control Capricorn and his powers would do him better in the long run, but he doesn’t learn how until after meeting two fellow hosts during the exams to reach Beta tier. (equivalent to Naruto’s Chunin)

Makara Clan Ability: The Nightmare Technique. They are more or less Chucklevoodoos. It’s basically an illusion that the victim is placed under, instilling them with a strong sense of fear and paranoia, while the user puppets them as they will. Gamzee has not manifested the ability (yet?), but he isn’t actively trying to anyway.

Capricorn’s Abilities: Capricorn is literally a black hole capable of consuming anything, even pure chakra. This makes a vast majority of techniques useless against it, because it can simply swallow them up without harm. It is also almost nigh indestructible. This is not to say that it can not be killed, only that it is very difficult to kill.

Capricorn Influence: Both of these abilities are transferred to Gamzee in much smaller ways. Gamzee is capable of eating most things without harm, even items that are considered inedible for humans, like metal or wood. He can also take a lot of damage, and his pain tolerance is much higher than most. He is also capable of holding his breath for extremely long periods of time, and his swimming abilities are better than most.

In a non-Sgrub AU, the Alternian trolls went on to have descendants of their own. These are the first four in the line up.

Spiria Megido

Spiria enjoys opera, anything vintage, and the finer things in life, such as old plays, classical music, and high art. Unfortunately, many of these things are far out of her price range as a maroon blood. Thankfully, she has a blue-blooded moirail who enjoys giving lavish gifts and having her company on outings to see such things, so while Spiria’s interests lie outside of her price range, they most certainly are not out of reach. She also has a lovely voice and would love to use it on the stage herself one day, no matter how unlikely it seems.

Vidali Nitram

Vidali is one of those kids who looks sweet and innocent, but will follow up normal-sounding sentences with something creepy and leave you wondering whether it was intentional or not. He carries a backpack around with him everywhere, and regardless of the situation, he always seems to have whatever is required at the moment. He’s also very quiet when he moves, or at least can go easily unnoticed, meaning that he startles people quite often, whether he means to or not. Nobody really knows what he likes, except maybe his moirail, but when asked, he doesn’t care to talk about it.

Biikon Captor (Pronounced Beacon)

Biikon, like all Captors, is a bit of a dick, and by a dick, we mean he’s a really big asshole. Unlike his ancestor, however, he’s more fascinated with taking things apart, figuring out how they work, and putting them back together again. This applies mostly to electrical things though, so he’s probably picked apart his appliances more than once during his nymphood. Unlike another Captor, he has an intense dislike for video games, because they’re mostly programming, and that’s not his shtick. There’s nothing really tangible to them, so he’s just not interested. The jadeblood he’s very good friends with is though, so he often ends up getting sucked into playing them anyway. (Even though he sucks.)

Kayzza Vantas

Kayzza, probably the most mild-mannered of all the Vantases, has a much longer fuse to their famous Vantas temper. They are relatively cheerful and admire their ancestor’s collaboration with the latest Empress to bring about great social change on Alternia. Unfortunately, things still aren’t perfect, and it’s not yet safe for them to wear their color proudly. (Although they wonder how their symbol isn’t just as much a beacon for their color given its easy connection to their ancestor.) They like flower gardening and mixed martial arts. It keeps the boredom at bay when their shy tealblooded palemate isn’t convincing them to roleplay with him. They do so with mild embarrassment, but Dikane promised not to tell so it’s okay.

(Kayzza is Nonbinary.)