Lucy: Natsu, I want to eat something.

Natsu: Okay, okay. I’ll be back.

After a couple of minutes…

Lucy: Uuh. Natsu, I know I eat a lot now, but I can’t eat this much!

Natsu: Well, I guess I craved some too. Hehe.


Juvia: Gray-sama, can you please buy me ice cream?

Gray: Okay.

Comes back with all the flavors available

Gray: You didn’t mentioned the flavor you like, so I bought all flavors.


Levy: Gajeel, I’m hungry. Can you get me something to eat?

Gajeel: Yeah yeah.

Comes back with a bowl of iron


Jellal: Honey, you need to eat fruits and vegetables too. Too much cake is unhealthy.


Mira: Laxus, can you buy me the biscuits that I like?

Laxus: But that’s like, two streets away!

Mira activates Satan Soul

Laxus: Shit! Fine! Stop transforming, geez! It’s bad for the both of you, you know? God, Mira!

Fairy Tail 508
  • Minerva&Rogue: WE MADE IT ALIVE
  • Larcade: Yo guess what *horniness everywhere*
  • Literally almost everyone: NO FUCKING BLOODY HELL I HATE U GENITALS STOP
  • Eileen: *blows a kiss* moRE gODDAMn RIDDLES
  • Jellal: *is on ground, ded* I'll be fine just gimme 5 and a mocha
  • Zeref: Dammit Larcade
  • Larcade: You a virgin? You're safe. OtherWISE YO ASS IS GONNA SUFFER
  • Lucy, Carla, Happy: *totes the dorks to porsch bc they knocked out*
  • Kagura: I'M BACK BITCHES

I can’t believe my short break is already over 🙃 well we’re back to stressful all nighters and mental breakdowns bc of school. Anyways, this Jerza art by Mashima killed me i had to color it 🌚 I’ll be posting the SPEED PAINTING of this on my youtube account! Stay tuned❤️

ft working in a restaurant
  • jellal, blinded era: hello! table or booth?
  • customers: booth please
  • jellal: right this way..
  • jellal: *feels a table* is this a booth?
  • customers: ...
  • meanwhile
  • gray: ugh ok what do u want
  • customers: what do you recommend?
  • gray: excuse me? i don't eat here
  • customers: are you serious?
  • gray: oh wait, i recommend a dish called "shut the fuck up"
  • meanwhile
  • gildarts, washing dishes: *automatically crashes dishes without even trying*
  • gildarts: lol dang it *takes another plate*
  • gildarts: *crash* dang it!!
  • meanwhile
  • levy: *voice at a speed of 180 miles per hour* alriiiiight.. table 3 wants the soup of the day with the special hold the onions, extra spice cooked well done with a side of fruit, no strawberries and the other one wants a salmon lightly seasoned and grilled. *leaves*
  • gajeel:
  • gajeel: *triggered the vietnam war flashback*
  • gajeel:
  • gajeel: chicken nuggets it is then
  • meanwhile
  • gildarts: we hVAE NO MORE PLATES!!!!1111
  • juvia: well, that's what you get for not being more gentle gilda-
  • juvia, seeing a fish ready to be served: *triggering aquatic feels*
  • juvia: oH MY GOD
  • juvia:
  • juvia: *serves the fish with a dead glare*
  • meanwhile
  • mirajane: do you know where all the strawberry cakes are?
  • lucy: i thought i saw erza holding them
  • mirajane: ...wheeeennnnn?
  • lucy: right.. now.
  • erza: *stops in tracks and innocently glances at them*
  • mirajane: *runs after erza* stOP HOARDING THE STRAWBERRY SHIT
  • meanwhile
  • jellal: *feels another table* how about this?
  • customers: *annoyed* we said BOOTH
  • jellal: you know what
  • jellal: you could sit on the floor for all i care
  • meanwhile
  • gray: dude where the fuck are the fishes!!
  • natsu: i don't know, the only thing in there were drinks!
  • happy, out of nowhere: i ate them
  • meanwhile
  • natsu: sting, we got fired..
  • natsu: again
  • sting: geez.. why don't you set the place on fire while you're at it??
  • sometimes later
  • fire siren, firefighters everywhere, sting crying on the ground: i didn't mean it literally for fucks sake!!
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