Do You Want To Join The Swim Club?
  • Do You Want To Join The Swim Club?
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Do You Want to Join the Swim Club?


Do you want to join the swim club?

Come on, let’s go and race

Remember our team back then

With Makoto and Rin

We’ll find a diving space

You used to be a swimmer

But now you’re not

I wish you would tell me why

Do you want to join the swim club?

It doesn’t have to be a swim club

(Go away, Nagisa.)

Okay, bye

Do you want to join the swim club?

Or we can race after school?

We need a member on our relay

This show is super gay

Stop talking to the pool!

(water makes me  free.)

It gets a little lonely

Swimming all alone

Where has the team gone by?


*splash splash splash splash splash*


Please, I know you’re in there

People have been wondering where you’ve been

They say, “swim faster” and I’m trying to

We’re right out here for you

Just come and swim

We’ve only got each other

Rin, Makoto, and I

Let’s do it for the team

Do you want to join the swim club?

Sen hiç dalgın dalgın duş alırken saçına şampuan yerine duş jeli döktüğünü sonradan fark ettin mi?

Ben ettim. Çok acı.


Endless brown and blue.

UH-60 Black Hawks, operated by 3rd Battalion, 238th General Support Aviation Battalion, 42nd Combat Aviation Brigade, fly overhead after conducting an air assault with soldiers from 1st Battalion, 67th Armor Regiment, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, as part of Operation Intrepid Centurion in Kuwait. The 42nd CAB, New York Army National Guard, provided rotary winged aviation assets to Intrepid Centurion, an annual exercise between the U.S. and Kuwait militaries designed to strengthen their tactical proficiency and familiarity with each other’s operations.

(N.Y. Army National Guard photos by Sgt. Harley Jelis, 19 FEB 2014.)

Aku masih mampu melihatmu di tengah keramaian sekalipun, karena mataku terlalu jeli bila itu menyangkut kamu.
Aku masih mampu menemukanmu di tengah gaduh sekalipun, karena segala indraku memang terlalu peka bila itu menyangkut kamu.
Lalu kau mau apa?
Kau mau apa bila aku terlanjur menjadikanmu satu-satunya?
Kau mau apa bila benar aku telah menjadikanmu sebagai isi kepalaku?
Kau mau apa bila aku tak mampu berhenti mencintaimu.
Kau mau apa?

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